The creators of The Lord of the Rings: Gollum are working on another game in the saga

the creators of the lord of the rings: gollum are

Tom Henry

The creators of The Lord of the Rings: Gollum are working on another game in the saga

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The German publisher and developer Daedalic Entertainment, those responsible for the series Deponia and other adventures like The pillars of the earthare developing another game set in the universe created by JRR Tolkien after the release of The Lord of the Rings: Gollum this May 25, as revealed by the media Games Wirtschaft (goes The Gamer).

The German header has discovered in the database where the video games that has received a subsidy from the German government that Daedalic Entertainment, also creators of state of mind and Edna&Harveyare working on a work that has the preliminary title of The Lord of the Rings: It’s Magic.

The project has received 2,036,663 subsidy, so the total development budget should be at least double. Likewise, the patent, registered on June 1 of last year, lasts until August 31, 2024though that’s not to say the release date is set at or before that time.

It will be a 3D action adventure with decisions and an unknown protagonist

The description found in the German database draws a video game with a premise similar to that of Gollumwith a character protagonist who tells facts from a point of view never before explored in the lord of the ringsand set in a “world teeming with mythical creatures and magic.”

“The player discovers brand new regions and influences world events within the scope of the role [que toma el jugador] and his abilities,” the excerpt continues. “He tries to influence the course of things in his own way and change the fate of the world. This project is aimed at enthusiastic fans of fantasy stories and fantasy stories from all over the world. 3D action adventures“.

The Lord of the Rings: Gollum It has become the worst valued game by the press so far in 2023. “[…] part of an interesting idea, and we must applaud Daedalic’s courage when it comes to building a video game of this nature, but it fails to reach the pass in almost any of its sections“, we say in our analysis.

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