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The Crew Motorfest: Ubisoft’s answer to Forza Horizon 5, it promises!

the crew motorfest: ubisoft's answer to forza horizon 5, it

The Crew Motorfest got the rubber hot during the Ubisoft Forward. On our side, we were able to approach the game and it is rather promising.


The Crew Motorfest, third opus of the license showed itself during the Ubisoft Forward and intends to shake up the codes of the franchise with a ton of new features. New features that we have also been able to see in preview, shortly before the Ubisoft Forward tonight. A grip of a few minutes which above all allowed us to have a glimpse a bit more advanced than what you could see this evening. No more USA, direction a fantasized region of Hawaii. Heavenly scenery, jungles, beaches, villages… It smells like vacation. It’s here that The Crew 3 put down his suitcases to set up his new Motorfest festival (hence the name). On the menu, sunshine, big cars and lots and lots of burnt rubber.

The Crew Motorfest races Forza horizon 5

More than ever, The Crew Motorfest approaches a certain Forza Horizon especially the fifth episode. The atmosphere is super relaxed, more than in previous episodes. As in most of this kind of game, we are here to make a name for ourselves and become a renowned driver. During our short hands-on, we were able to do the entire prologue which looks like that of a Forza Horizon 5 or those of the previous The Crew.


In the space of about twenty minutes, we therefore link the main activities offered by the game, such as driving all-terrain vehicles in off-road races in the middle of nature or even outings in town Fast and Furious to do “Made in Japan” street racing and drifting in the greatest Japanese tradition (don’t ask why Japan, but the neon environment is well integrated into Hawaii). But the most successful that we have been able to try are undoubtedly the retro races at the wheel of old coaches from different eras. We then play the old fashioned way, without active GPS, relying on snapshots to find our way during the tests.

It’s unique and quite stylish. Retro races will also be an opportunity to drive historic cars such as Ferrari’s most beautiful gems, for example. Unfortunately, our handling having been brief and above all guided, we were not even able to glimpse the roster. Ubisoft says more than 610 vehicles will be present at launch. Yes, it’s huge. Moreover, even if the game will focus on cars, it should also offer other vehicles at the very end of the presentation, we could see that the game has some big surprises in store for us. Other very different events have been unveiled, such as races at the wheel of big American cars, or even Monster Truck-style activities.

A game that promises to be varied!

The Crew Motorfest presents itself as an open world stuffed with content, each activity of which can be started directly via the world or by going through menus classified in the form of playlists (which was the case during our presentation) for instant pleasure. In addition to the events mentioned above, it will also be possible to play with Supercars on more “pro” circuits than usual with pit stops and all that goes with it. There is even a Hard to say what the map has in store for us, but we were able to see different enticing environments. Sunny beaches, lush jungle, more mountainous and/or desert areas… but also typical villages and denser cities. There will be some for everyone.


The icing on the cake, for long-time players, they will be able to recover most of the vehicles from their garage of The Crew 2 and all for free. The option will be rolled out shortly after the game launches. By the way, The Crew Mortorfest is expected THE September 14 on PS5, Xbox Series, PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Besides, a beta will take place from July 21 to 23 on all platforms. It will be the moment or never to try the adventure!

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