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The Crew Motorfest would be the name of the next Ubisoft driving game

Ubisoft seems to be working on a new video game of driving the saga The Crew, which has received two deliveries so far. The company has not officially confirmed it, but we have been hearing since 2021 rumors about a third project in development. This new game, which would abandon the numbering in its title, would have been born as a DLC of The Crew 2but during production it would have gained enough entity to have become a standalone installment.

So far we know him as The Crew Orlando either Project Orlandobut it seems that its commercial name will be another: a dataminer has posted on social media an image to belong to a program testing new The Crew. In it we can see that the name of the game will be The Crew Motorfest, a brand that, according to unofficial information, we could also see in the game as part of the scenery and vehicle decorations. The same leaker ensures that the game may be announced next week.

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what do we know about the new The Crew?

Although its existence has not even been officially confirmed, the new game in the saga The Crew has already suffered various leaks that allow us to get an idea of ​​Ubisoft’s intention with this installment. As we told you, it is said that The Crew Motorfest would have been born as a DLC of the last installment of the saga, with setting in hawaii and the focus placed on competitions between teams with vehicle changes in three different stages bringing together a total of 100 players. The idea of ​​the study would be to reinterpret the formula of the saga completely, giving it a new scale and even choosing a new graphics engine.

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As we said, Ubisoft has not officially confirmed the development of this game though they recently assured that has another “big” unannounced game scheduled for the fiscal year that begins next April 1 and ends on January 31, 2024. On the other hand, today it has been leaked that there would be two new Far Cry on the way.