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The cute Mighty DOOM arrives for free on iOS and Android mobiles on March 21

Announced in April 2021, Mighty DOOM is a flirtatious version of the classic shooter game, although this time the traditional first-person camera will be set aside and we will bet on an overhead style in which we will control a Mini Slayer that not because he is smaller he will have less anger inside. After a while in development, we will finally be able to play it on iOS and Android next March 21stas announced today by Bethesda and Alpha Dog Games, its developer.

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Under these lines you can see a new trailer of Mighty DOOM with which it is announced when it will be available on mobile devices, platforms on which it will be launched with a format free to play.

Mighty DOOMa DOOM zenith played with one hand

“Face off hordes of mini-demons in Mighty DOOM. This shooter in overhead perspective that works with a single touch is part of the lively universe DOOM and puts you in the center of combat as you rip and tear hordes of demons from the fiery depths of hell”, we read in the official description of the game. It also talks about improving skills and weapons, with 13 legendary weapons to choose from. unlock, in order to face hordes and final bosses.

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Although Mighty DOOM It will not be possible to play until March 21, pre-registration is now available both on Google Play and on iOS through the game’s official page. Those who sEsports Extrasup before the premiere will receive the ‘Minislayer’s package’ for freewhich contains the following content: Barn of Hell weapon skin for the heavy cannon, Cacodemon weapon skin for the missile launcher, three equipment keys, one weapon key, and 80 crystals.

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Under these lines you can see a gallery with new images of Mighty DOOM.