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The Cybertruck looks like a Monstertruck with its new air suspension

Electric vehicles are becoming more and more popular with drivers and with each passing year their sales increase. Tesla could be considered as the brand that popularized electric cars with autonomous driving functions. Although his Tesla Model S, X, Y or 3 were launched quite quickly on the market, with his Cybertruck pickup we cannot say the same. First announced in 2019 and pushed back to 2024, this Elon Musk vehicle looks like it will never go on sale. However, recently we saw some images of the Tesla Cybertruck and now a video has been shown where it appears circulating with a system of high-altitude tuned air suspension.

The Tesla Cybertruck is one of the strangest vehicles we’ve ever seen. It’s been 4 years since it was first announced and with a desEsports Extrasthat looks worthy of Cyberpunk 2077 or Blade Runner, we came across a van that captivated a large number of people. And it is that, according to the latest figures, more than 1.5 million people have reserved this van since its official announcement in 2019. Despite the time that has passed, Elon Musk has not offered us a single final prototype and it was even indicated that production would be delayed to 2024.

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An alpha prototype of the Tesla Cybertruck demonstrates its air suspension

The Tesla Cybertruck is largely a mystery, from when it will be ready to when it will officially come out and even its price are nothing more than speculation. Elon Musk showed it to us in style, but apart from that official announcement, over time he has given us hardly any news. These come in the form of leaks thanks to users and specifically Mike from CyberOwners shows us the last of these.

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In a video that seems to be recorded on a mobile phone from the year 2000, we find a Cybertruck alpha prototype in the Texas Esports Extrasfactory. Although the quality of the video can be greatly improved, we can discern that the Tesla Cybertruck is with a very high suspension. The use of the adaptive air suspension It is something that the company has implemented in practically all its vehicles and the Cybertruck was not going to be less.

The suspension of the Tesla Cybertruck will reach a maximum of 40 cm in height

Tesla Cybertruck Alpha

In off-road vehicles, the use of a higher suspension brings some advantages, but there are also disadvantages. It must be taken into account how this affects the stability of the vehicle, in the control of the same, at the time of curb already the shock absorbers. Since the Tesla Cybertruck is a truck, it makes sense to raise the suspension so it can be used as an SUV, although in the video we would be looking at a very high setting.

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Turns out it ends up adding 16 inches in max extension mode, which equates to about 40cm tall. In addition, Tesla has designed this electric vehicle with a approach angle (or input) of 35 degrees and a departure angle of 28 degrees. Thanks to this, the company assures us that with the Tesla Cybertruck we can easily overcome steep ramps and obstaclesso added to the air suspension, we have an effective combination.


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