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The Cycle: Frontier kicks off Season 2 today with The Depths of Tharis Island – Esports Extras.

The Cataclysm raged and with a bang the first season of The Cycle: Frontier completed. After the mighty storm has swept all items – cosmetic items and the in-game currency Aurum excluded – out of the inventories of the prospectors, it’s time for everyone: a fresh start! Subtitled Season 2 of YAGER’s extraction shooter The Depths of Tharis Island offers, among other things, a third game map with completely new challenges.

Season 2 is the best starting point for newcomers and veterans alike. Thanks to the wipe, all players start with the same requirements and can experience the new faction campaigns and their diverse missions together. These new campaigns also bring prospectors to Tharis Island, the new map of The Cycle: Frontier and the biggest challenge at the moment, far away from the well-known realms. Each faction on Fortuna III has their own reasons for sending players to the new island. This houses abandoned faction bases, lush canyons, strange artifacts and a huge, previously unexplored and widely branched cave system. At the same time, these caves are completely different from all previously known maps of The Cycle: Frontier. While the previous areas have been more focused on outdoor areas, Tharis Island focuses on the underground systems. There, players will find ancient tech that enables a new in-match activity related to upgrading gear and specializing in certain skills.

Another change to The Cycle: Frontier is the improvements of the anti-cheat system. YAGER’s goal is to significantly limit cheating so that all prospectors have a better time on Fortuna III.

Other improvements in Season 2 include in-game Quality of Life changes as well as new loot, cosmetic items and a brand new Fortuna Pass with 100 levels full of skins, emotes, charms, Aurum currency and a mysterious lottery ticket. An overview of the patch notes can be found here.

On September 29th at 7:00 p.m. YAGER’s Adam Cleaver will be going live on the official Twitch Channel with some guests from the development team to share the news and mysteries of Season 2. They also give an outlook on the future The Cycle: Frontier after season 2.

For more information, visit the game’s official website: The Cycle: Frontier is available on Steam and the Epic Games Store. The latest updates are also available TwitterYouTube and on Discord.

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