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The damage system in Super Smash Bros. comes from Kirby’s Dream Land

As you well know, the Super Smash Bros. saga borrows many recognizable elements and characters from the world of video games to integrate them into a 2D fighting title that, to this day, continues to be one of the absolute kings of its genre. However, you probably didn’t know that a major part of the series’ dao system comes from an existing gameas Masahiro Sakurai, its creator, has revealed through a new video on his YouTube channel. Youtube. roughlythe Japanese creative has revealed that the system by which the characters are thrown off the screen when they die, in addition to the fact that the speed at which they fly away is determined by the damage they have received, was used for the first time in Kirby’s Dream Land.


“Normally, the screen scrolls with your character in the center. However, if you get hit by an enemy and you go flying, the screen stops scrolling… This sounds familiar to me. If you fly completely off the screen, you will lose a life. Wait… Can it be? Yes, they are the same rules as in Super Smash Bros. I had already thought about the damage stacking system of Smash when I was making the original Kirby game!” the developer explained.

Why did Sakurai recycle this system in Smash?

Sakurai goes on to add that the amount of damage Kirby has accumulated in dreamland it also dictates the speed at which you will fly off the screen when hit by an enemy, something that, as you well know, happens in arcade games. Smash. Sakurai explains that he devised that system almost a decade before it was implemented in the first Smash game. As for the question of why the creator decided to implement Kirby’s game system in Smash, the answer is very simple: I had simply forgotten that it already existed in dreamland.