The Darkness ‘is on the list’ of games that Nightdive Studios wants to remaster

the darkness 'is on the list' of games that nightdive

Tom Henry

The Darkness ‘is on the list’ of games that Nightdive Studios wants to remaster

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In 2007 it was published The Darkness, a first-person action video game with which Starbreeze Studios (saga payday) and 2K Games adapted a comic book series of the same name. This title was released for PS3 and Xbox 360 and, although its sequel did come to PC, the original was never made available for computers.

Now Nightdive Studiosa company that has specialized in remastering classics in recent years (they are responsible for System Shock Remake and have recently announced remasters of Turok 3: Shadow of Oblivion and Star Wars: Dark Forces), has confirmed his interest to bring back The Darkness with a modernized version for PC (at least).

has been his own Stephen Kick, CEO of Nightdive Studios and director of System Shockwho in his personal Twitter account has confirmed that the remastering of The Darkness “it’s on the list”. As has responded to a user who asked for a way to access the game without having to dust off his PS3; Although it gives little information about when we could expect to see this version or if it will even exist, it is a confirmation that at least shows the desire of the company to bring back this cult work.

Is The Darkness worth it?

In vandal we talked very well about The Darkness when it was published in 2007, when in our analysis we said that “it is a very good gamesuitable not only for comic book fans but also for those who don’t know it at all and want a good first-person action game with a well told story, high production values ​​and fun gameplay. Although it can be improved in aspects such as artificial intelligence, the game system is fun and the numerous powers that we have throughout the game mean that the game does not lose variety at any time.”

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