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The Day Before is accused of literally copying Call of Duty and The Last of Us

Earlier this year, Fntastic promised that a gameplay reveal trailer for The Day Before would be released in January.

The developers postponed both the release of the game and the release of the trailer due to legal issues that arose because Fntastic forgot to register the name of their game.


The Day Before was supposed to release on March 1, but due to those issues, Fntastic pushed the release back to November 10 to supposedly give the studio adequate time to figure things out. They went ahead with the trailer release though, not that fans were impressed.

Billed as “raw gameplay,” the 10-minute video showed a player running down a street, exploring an abandoned house, messing with their inventory, and opening some cabinets. They do eventually shoot some zombies, but as one fan commented: “For a game that was previously meant to be out this month, this is a…unique gameplay reveal.”

“The best jogging simulator I have ever seen”wrote another fan.

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Following the trailer, the Force Gaming YouTube channel posted a series of images highlighting the similarities between The Day Before trailer and the original Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War zombies showcase.

“The Day Before is the epitome of ‘Can I copy your homework?’”wrote Force Gaming. “First 4 scenes in your recent 10 minute gameplay video? Shot for shot, same (composition and framing) as CoD Black Ops Zombies trailer.”


Force Gaming then shared similarities between The Day Before’s logo and the one used by The Last Of Us, while “one of their most used screenshots looks awfully familiar to one from The Division.”

“In case you think it’s pure coincidence. Not only the framing, the composition and coloring are similar. They are also in exactly the same order, one after the other.” wrote Force Gaming. “It’s like they’re not sure what to do, so they go and just copy whatever’s popular.”


“If you’re following The Day Before for anything other than watching the train wreck, you’re setting yourself up for disappointment.” they added.

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