The Day Before Isn’t Dead, New Trailer Proves It

the day before isn't dead, new trailer proves it

Tom Henry

The Day Before Isn’t Dead, New Trailer Proves It

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The Day Before, accustomed to controversy, is talking about him again with an extremely surprising new teaser. Yes, even more than the gameplay shared a few months ago.

At each of its appearances or the taking of the words of its developer, The Day Before finds itself in the spotlight. This June, it should be a year since gamers around the world who have been waiting for Fntastic’s title should be having fun roaming the game’s open world. Unfortunately, the studio first pushed back its inspired title of The Last of Us And The Division on March 1, 2023 to migrate to Unreal Engine 5.

It will also be postponed a second time to November 10 of this year, for a much more surprising reason. It turned out that the Fntastic studio did not have the right to use the mark “The Day Before“, this one belonging to a calendar application. A rights concern that caused the censorship of several videos on YouTube, but also the deletion of the game page on Steam. A few hours from Summer Game Fest 2023, Fntastic finally gives news of the legal proceedings and takes the opportunity to unveil a new trailer way I’m a legend.

The Day Before soon far from any controversy?

Well Played media spoke with Eduard and Aisen Gotovtsev, the co-founders of Fntastic. On this occasion, the two men speak about the problematic situation of the game and the disappearance of its Steam page. They claim to have “were the first to use this name in connection with video games” and assure that they intend to go to the end of the legal procedure to use the name The Day Before.

We would like to reassure our community that our Steam page will soon be restored. We will be at the top of the wish lists again. Currently, we are focusing on the development of the game itself.

According to them, nothing will prevent The Day Before to be released on November 10 on PC, while the release date for the console versions will be announced shortly after the game’s arrival on Steam. The co-founders even confide that an open beta phase is planned before the publication of The Day Before.

A new trailer far from the spirit of the game

Last February, Fntastic presented a new long gameplay sequence of the game. What severely chilled the fans as everything seemed empty, technically outdated and extremely conventional. To make matters worse, the game has even been accused of being a scam (a scam intended to make money). Enough to get Fntastic out of its hinges… In addition to its interview, Well Played has just published a rather confusing new game teaser on YouTube.

We have clearly understood the reference to the scene of I’m a legend when Will Smith rides in a GT 500 through the empty streets of the city chasing a deer. But even if it’s a “wink”, showing a sports car speeding down New Fortune City against a backdrop of techno music to showcase a survival MMO does not have much to do. see… Flashy, but not super understandable. Especially when we think of the latest reactions to the game and that the studio ends its trailer by announcing the arrival of the “best survival game of the year”. It is also surprising that Fntastic is sharing a teaser of a game that has already been unveiled at length. It’s not the first time that The Day Before takes us on the wrong foot and it will certainly not be the last.

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