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The Dead Space remake shows eight minutes of gameplay and will have a mode that will make us feel even more terror

EA Motive never tires of throwing us gameplay and news about the Dead Space remake and we welcome it all with open arms. In a new direct from the studio, eight minutes of departure have been shown focused on chapter three of our voyage on the USG Ishimura.

In the game we can see how, for example, the main hangar is now much larger and we can activate the suit’s thrusters to reach new areas. Of course, there is not a single loading screen, as the entire experience will be fluid thanks to the game’s sequence plane.

Dead Space Remake

Being able to float in zero gravity completely changes the original perspective, since in the first game we could only be anchored to the ground. In addition, Isaac now has a propulsion boost to avoid necromorphs and other hazards. On the other hand, we already knew that the protagonist this time will speak and he will do it only when the situation demands it.

Although it does not appear during the gameplay, it has been revealed that one of the most iconic moments of the dead space original will change. During chapter 2, we meet the first infector in the game, which is capable of turning corpses into necromorphs. We see this transformation with a glass in between, but in the remake we will be glued to the action and next to the danger.

A more than interesting mechanic will allow us redirect station power at the expense of other resources. For example, we will have to choose if we want to have oxygen and move in the dark or vice versa. We also knew that we will have new side quests, specifically one with Nicole Brennan, Isaac’s girlfriend. We can start it if we run into a hidden door, one of many that have been incorporated into this review.

Going back to the corridors of the USG Ishimura from Dead Space excites me and this is what I ask of him on his return

Without a doubt, one of the most interesting modifications is the Intensity Director mode. Basically, it is a mode that will increase the tension much more by adding noises, surprise attacks from the necromorphs and a constant feeling of dread.

Finally, weapons have also expanded your upgrade tree and details have been added such as that Isaac will build the unforgettable plasma cutter himself, instead of picking it up. the remake of dead space It will arrive on PS5, Xbox Series and PC on January 27, 2023.


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