The Devolver Direct is once again an irreverent celebration of indie games

the devolver direct is once again an irreverent celebration of

Tom Henry

The Devolver Direct is once again an irreverent celebration of indie games

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The Devolver Direct presented only 4 games, but it made itself noticed again thanks to its unique presentation style in the industry.

Devolver Digital’s directs are quite peculiar in the world of gaming. Where there are giant companies trying to look cool and sell themselves as part of their communities, we know that in the end They are just corporations looking for the money of all the players. But where are you failing, giving back does it.

Obviously they have an easier time as they are a smaller indie game company, but that doesn’t make it any less important. His direct have served as critics of the trends of gaming companies, with well-produced and intelligent shows, they always know where to hit to make it hurt, and to make an impact on the greedy companies that only make soulless products.

He Return Direct This year was no exception, Devolver undertook the task of devising a concept that, first, criticizes the commercialization of nostalgia, inventing a fictional mascot named volvy which, in Devolver’s insane universe, served as a mascot for the company in the 80sAnd now they want to revive it… In the form of a robot with artificial intelligence.

This has been another criticism that they have made clear, since the new version of the mascot, called back-Eis presented by a corporate emphasizing that the AI ​​will be able to generate games “without the need for some developer to have a stroke of inspiration or want to work on a game.” Which brings us to the presentation of the games that Devolver will bring soon.

In the direct we see how Volv-E generates new games with a descriptive sentence of the genre and style of play. Obviously, the games shown have been created by passionate developersbut let’s remember that all this is a satire on artificial intelligence.

In the direct a game similar to Don’t Starvecalled Wizard With A Gunwhich is a survival game with online elements, a satirical walking simulator called Baby Steps, which criticizes men sucked into the modern hedonism of video games, and the sequels to The Talos Principle and Human Fall Flatin addition to having paid tribute to his previous games as Hotline Miami, Grey and more recent as Cult Of The Lamb and Sludge Life 2.

I don’t want to spoil the end of the video, but I can close by saying that I’m always pretty happy with Devolver’s live shows. They are very well made, they are not pretentious, they show a passion for the games, one just by looking at them, you know that the people behind Devolver are irreverent gamers at heartwith a great love for the games they publish.

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