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The Diablo IV Team Explains the Different Ways You Can Customize Your Playstyle and Character

the diablo iv team explains the different ways you can

In the latest Inside the Game video, the team shared information about one of Diablo IV’s desEsports Extraspillars, Play Your Way. Joined by General Manager Rod Fergusson, Game Director Joe Shely, Lead Class Designer Adam Jackson, and Lead Game Producer Melissa Corning, the team explained the many ways you can customize your playstyle and character.

Player choice permeates everything you can do in Diablo IV, from how you look to the abilities you use to carve your way through the open world. Check out the blog: TAKE CONTROL OF SANCTUARY — PLAY YOUR WAY IN DIABLO IV for all the details.



  • choose between five classes depending on the style of play you prefer to start your journey. He Barbarian he is a close range combat weapons master. He Magician Eliminate enemies from afar with powerful elemental magic. He Renegade he is agile and can switch between close and long range combat. He Druid He can transform into powerful creatures and cast nature magic. He Necromancer summons the dead to fight, dealing damage with bone or blood magic.
  • He skill tree grants players access to different active, passive, or buff abilities as they level up to power them up. Unlock a skill with a skill pointthen upgrade it with additional skill points.
  • He Paragon Board is an advanced game system that will allow players to further develop their playing styles. Spend Paragon Points on nodes that can increase attributes, modify abilities, allow new connections between abilities, or change the way a player can use their character build.
  • The legendary items they are rare and very powerful items that players can find as they venture into Sanctuary. There are different categories of legendary items, and some can change or enhance an ability.
  • Many of the classic and very rare items from previous titles will return in the form of unique items. They are similar to legendary items; however, they cannot be removed from your team to imbue it into others.
  • Upgrade your equipment by visiting merchants of creation in villages to level up items or add sockets.
  • The new one character customization offers almost endless character creation options. You can choose from a variety of faces, hairstyles, skin tones, and brands. Each class contains unique options to create the character you want to be.
  • The transfigurations allow players to change the appearance of a piece of armor or a weapon so that it has a different design. As you travel through Sanctuary, you’ll have the opportunity to get more appearance options to style your character.

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