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The DioField Chronicle brings Final Fantasy Tactics into the 21st century

DioField mixes turn-based strategy with real-time elements.

DioField mixes turn-based strategy with real-time elements.

Genre: Tactics RPG Developer: Square Enix, Lancarse Platforms: PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, PC release: September 22, 2022

Every genre has its ups and downs. Turn-based tactical RPGs have had some great exponents over the past few years (Fire Emblem, Valkyria Chronicles, The Banner Saga – to name just a few examples), but this year may see the crest of the wave. And all thanks to Square Enix, who are launching three top-class representatives in 2022: Triangle Strategy was released in March, and Tactics Ogre Reborn is coming in November. However, the highlight could be The DioField Chronicle, which promises real innovations.

The DioField Chronicle is a fresh take on an old genre

While the other two tactical role-playing games from Square Enix want to follow up on the successes of Final Fantasy Tactics and Tactics Ogre and really push the nostalgia gland, The DioField Chronicle is breaking new ground.

What is it all about? The eponymous DioField is an island that has known only peace for centuries until the land is thrown into chaos. It quickly becomes clear that this is a fictional version of Great Britain – indomitable knights, countless noble houses and unpronounceable names included. The world mixes elements from the Middle Ages, industrialization and even modernity wildly; Of course, magic and monsters should not be missing in a square RPG either.

Check out the release date trailer for The DioField Chronicle here:

The DioField Chronicle - Square Enix's tactical RPG has a release


The DioField Chronicle – Square Enix’s tactical RPG has a release

Focus on gameplay

The first impression: The look of The DioField Chronicle seems spartan (after all, the game also has to run on the switch), the cutscenes are a bit old-fashioned and the dialogues are wooden. In the tactical genre, that’s no big surprise.

The core is the gameplay: Once the action begins, however, it becomes clear where The DioField Chronicle is focusing. There are no fields, you can move your units freely on the battlefield, and the camera can also be rotated. It is noticeable that you can also give the characters orders as a troop, for example to attack an enemy with several units. This is much more dynamic than if each character had to be selected individually.

Your party consists of four units, each belonging to one of the following classes:

  • warrior
  • equestrian
  • Protect
  • magician

If there is a fight, each side is not allowed to attack once, as we know it from other tactical representatives, but, like in a real-time strategy game, it is knocked out until a character blesses the time. Of course, you can pause the action at any time to fine-tune your tactics, use items or perform special attacks. The combat system is therefore more hectic but also less time-consuming than in other strategy games.

So if you like tactical combat but don’t necessarily want to just repeat the old formula over and over again, you should keep The DioField Chronicle in mind. The game will be released on September 22, 2022 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch and PC.

Jonathan Harsh

My tactical RPG entry was Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance for the GameCube and Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. Unfortunately, the genre was treated very neglected afterwards – until a few years ago. Now there are tons of representatives on the market, but many seem to take up the classic formula unfiltered. So I’m really looking forward to The DioField Chronicle, which retains some elements of the classics but also gives the gameplay a much-needed polish.

Do you think The DioField Chronicle can successfully modernize FF Tactics?

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