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the director clarifies what the multiplayer will be like

A relief for many users.

the sims 5
Art from Project Rene, the next Sims project.

Electronic Arts continues to be, without a doubt, one of the great companies in the sector, and it is that many people consider it dead, or dying, based on certain failures such as the one that you can see exemplified in our analysis of Battlefield 2042. Even so, continue being one of the greats, which has never really fallen off (despite what it may seem), but is now coming back to life with some of its great releases, as well as hopes to achieve great success with some of his upcoming projects.

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Among these projects we can highlight the next installment of the “The Sims” franchise, which has managed to maintain itself, over the years, as leader among video games of its genre: life simulators. And it is that its previous installment turned out to be a great success, especially since it was relaunched as free-to-play, so if you happen to be a player of this title, here is our complete guide to The Sims 4.

Now we do not have to talk about the fourth installment, and it is that, as we have already dropped, the fifth numbered installment of this franchise was officially announced, and now We have learned a detail that can relieve many people.

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The online mode will no longer be a fear

When we got to know this new installment of the franchise, we were also able to find out that it would have an online mode, something that is unprecedented in this saga. For this reason, many people they began to fear the possibility that it was something like an MMO.

Specifically, this has been affirmed by the game director in the Behind the Sims podcast, who has said the following: “one thing to keep in mind is that Project Rene is not an MMO“, since that mentioned “Project Rene” is the code name of The Sims 5. As he has also said, “it will not be a public and shared space, but rather you can play solo, on your termsand when you want to invite someone and play with them”.

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At first, this is hard to imagine for this franchise, but It seems that it will be something similar to what we had before with the neighbors and friends in the gamewhich were controlled by artificial intelligence.


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