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The director of Sonic Frontiers thinks that adding more playable characters is crucial for the future of the saga | we are xbox

sonic frontiers It came as a complete change of scenery both to the formula of the blue hedgehog games and to the reception that the previous titles had had, and although it is obvious that it is not a perfect game in all aspects, it is considered the Best 3D Sonic game for many years. One of the things that has been criticized for this latest installment of the franchise is that it feels somewhat disconnected from the usual canon, something quite harsh for those fans who are aware of all the Sonic lore. Nevertheless, the director of Sonic Frontiers has stated something that could fix this problem in later titles.

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Although this problem seems to be taken into account for the free dlc that have been revealed, this through the roadmap of sonic frontiers for 2023 recently shared, which shows as for the last big update of this year, it will be possible to play with the classic Tails and Knuckles, as well as with the beloved Amyall this added to a new story.

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The director of Sonic Frontiers thinks that adding more playable characters is crucial for the future of the saga

The director of Sonic Frontiers responds on whether more characters will be added in future installments

This topic has been going around Twitter for some time, because the confirmation of more playable characters became a trend, with emotion on the surface, many fans have been speculating about the future of the franchisefor which Morio Kishimoto, the director of Sonic Frontiers, has responded with a tweet to one of them who had doubts about whether more characters would be included in future installments. Kishimoto said “Hello! as you say, the next step for the third generation is to increase the number of playable characters.


The future seems to be extremely good for the hedgehog, he is already coming off a good run thanks to his own sonic frontiers, 2 excellent movies, a series on Netflix and several collaborations like the one made with Monster Hunter Rise, so it only remains to see how it maintains this great success through new content.


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