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The director of Star Wars Jedi Survivor wants a trilogy to complete the story of Cal Kestis | we are xbox

He Star Wars Jedi Survivor director wants a trilogy, which shouldn’t be a big surprise. Some games with great ambitions, managed by directors with vision, raise their projects from the beginning. What’s more, having Electronic Arts and Lucasfilm Games behind it, it is almost mandatory to look further into the future.


From the first game you can see the intentions of don’t just stop at one title, although this never depends on only one factor. These factors can be a publisher that does not seek to take financial risks or the company that owns the license and its desire to see benefits in a short time.

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The director of Star Wars Jedi Survivor wants a trilogy to close this story

Stig Asmussen is the director in charge of the first and second parts of Star Wars Jedi, best recognized as the adventure of Cal Kestis. Asmussen spilled his thoughts to Esports Extrasabout the future of his work, and of course, he very much wants to finish the story of Cal Kestis with a hypothetical third installment.

Imagining the continuation of a project not yet released is natural in the medium, since this was the same thing that happened with Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order. Before its premiere in 2019, he was already meeting with representatives of Lucasfilm Games, exposing ideas and assumptions about the second game. Of course, all of these ideas can be undermined by another important factor: player support reflected in sales.

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If the first game didn’t sell as expected, we wouldn’t be looking forward to the second, and the same goes for the third. The good thing is that the director worked from the beginning viewing his project as a trilogyso the product will not look artificially elongated.

As for the engine, it is expected to use entirely Unreal Engine 5 in the hypothetical third installment, unlike previous deliveries. The Star Wars Jedi Survivor director wants a trilogy to cap off his work, and he should be crossing his fingers that players will react positively to Respawn’s upcoming development.