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The director of the best One Piece episode could direct one of the most anticipated moments in anime history

the director of the best one piece episode could direct

Incredible and fantastic news for all One Piece fans. But before you continue reading, if you have not already found out what to expect in the next episodes, please, do not continue reading this news, because contains very important spoilers that can deteriorate the experience of the work. If you do, always at your own risk..

Megumi Ishitani Could Direct Key Episodes In One Piece Anime

That’s how it is, Megumi Ishitanithe director of the incredible and best-rated episodes of the entire history of One Piecesuch as episode 1015, 987 and 962, could be in charge of the incredible episodes where Monkey D. Luffy will be shown as the God Nikain its transformation Gear 5. The community has been waiting for this great moment for a year and a half and TOEI Animation is aware of this, so the name of the fantastic director could have sounded very strong.


These are the amazing features that could be given in the upcoming episodes.

  • Megumi Ishitani could be the director.
  • The episode could have been in production for almost a year.
  • Could be better than episodes 1061 and 1062
  • Several Loney Toones animators could have been part of the job.
  • It would air in theaters in both Japan and France.
  • It promises to be the best episode of all.

All this information and everything that has been discussed these days leaves us with very long teeth, but also trusting in the incredible work of art that the next episodes of Gear 5 can be.

What expectations do you have about it? We read you in the comments.

Via: Twitter.