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The director of The Quarry talks about his next great video game and sets a release date that is far away

His next project will be just as ambitious as The Quarry and intended to deviate from teen horror.

We already know how Supermassive Games spends them, every year we have a delivery from the studio thanks to The Dark Pictures saga. The *text muted* in Me already has a release date, but its director has talked about the next big video game whose wingspan will be similar to that seen in The Quarry, and has tentatively dated it to a year that is still very far.


It will be in 2025, or maybe in 2026Will Byles, director of Supermassive GamesWill Byles, director of Supermassive Games has given an interview to the VGC medium and in it he has talked about his next big project: “We have started working on the next game. Again, it is the same kind of horror genre, we stick to that. It is equivalent in size to The Quarry“, highlights Byles, who reiterates that he cannot give more details.

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The Quarry

The head of the studio talks about when the title will be released in reference to the time that passed between The Quarry and Until Dawn: “No, it certainly won’t be the seven years that passed between Until Dawn. It will be in 2025, or maybe in 2026“, Says the director of Supermassive Games.

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What will be next from the creators of The Quarry

Talk about him teen horror genre: “I don’t know how far we can stretch more the teen scare thing, because especially when we’re trying to stir it up, the number of surprises you can add to that becomes limited. What we are seeing now walks away a bit of that kind of standard, but it’s still a very classic horror.

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It should be remembered that Supermassive Games was bought by Nordisk Games to establish “a growth strategy exciting and ambitious”. The next title is The Dark Pictures Anthology: The *text muted* in Me which will be released on November 18, and just seeing its trailer is more than enough to ensure that we will have more than one scare.

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