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The DualSense could use an Xbox feature

The PS5’s DualSense has fantastic features that put the competition to shame. In one respect, however, the controller lags behind the Xbox gamepad.

A comment by Gregor Elsholz

In some ways, the DualSense controller is the PS5’s hardware showpiece. While the Sony console finds an equal or even better competitor in many other aspects with the Xbox Series X, the DualSense can, thanks to the detailed haptic feedback and adaptive trigger technology really shine. The Xbox controller, on the other hand, looks almost old-fashioned – but in one respect Microsoft offers gamers much more.

PS5 & DualSense: Looks are the problem

By now, arguably every joke imaginable has been made about the looks of the PS5: Sony really wanted to know for a change in this generation of consoles, designing it as some kind of clumsy behemoth that became a meme within seconds of its reveal. The optional faceplates make the whole thing even worse, because colors that take some getting used to like Cosmic Red, Nova Pink, Starlight Blue and Galactic Purple draw even more attention to a desEsports Extrasthat would last have looked chic as a concept for a futuristic thought transmitter in a 1970s sci-fi movie.

The DualSense is optically still clearly the best thing about the overall desEsports Extrasof the PS5, but unfortunately it can’t carry everything either – and in the colors mentioned, the controller looks nice in and of itself, as you really want him at an ironically illegal rave infiltrate

Do you disagree? Amazon has the DualSense in Nova Pink:

DualSense Wireless Controller Nova Pink [PlayStation 5]

DualSense Wireless Controller Nova Pink [PlayStation 5]

The price may be higher now. Price from 05/23/2022 10:01 am

Xbox allows custom controller design

Unlike Sony, Microsoft’s desEsports Extrasdepartment did the bare minimum when it came to the Xbox Series X – the Xbox looks as simplistic as if it were drafted three minutes before closing time on a Tuesday evening been. But what the console itself lacks in originality, the customize-your-controller option makes up for it.

The Xbox DesEsports ExtrasLab lets me desEsports Extrasmy own controller as colorful or monochromatic as I want it to be. It even gives me the option of slapping my gamer tag or a statement of wisdom on it – no thanks, but nice that it’s possible. So I can decide for myself how elegant, over the top, boring, pretty or ugly the controller should be – because in the end I alone am responsible for it. It’s an option that Microsoft has offered in the past and would suit Sony pretty well these days, given the company’s relatively troubling recent desEsports Extraschoices.

Check out the Xbox DesEsports ExtrasLab!

PlayStation or Xbox? A matter of taste

Of course there are enough people who the sharper Boomerang desEsports Extrasfrom the DualSense to the slightly fuller curves from the Xbox controller prefer – both are aesthetic preferences that I neither want to question nor judge. My colleague Jasmin, for example, has a completely different opinion on the Xbox design.

All I wish for from Sony is the freedom to desEsports Extrasthe DualSense controller superficially according to my ideas, if I have to live with the PS5 in my living room. Inside, the DualSense is already a beautiful controller, packed with unique features. I would love to give it a worthy makeover on the outside.

In our photo gallery we show you 7 points where Sony still has to improve the PS5:

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