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Elden Ring

The Elden Ring Coliseums are still closed, but players already use them to duel

A Reddit user claims to have entered these structures accepting another player’s duel proposal.

Elden Ring continues to attract both players looking for a good challenge and those looking to discover the secrets hidden in the Midlands. One of the most popular revolves around a few colosseums that remain closed and could be the scene of a future DLC loaded with details about the lore of the game. In the absence of knowing the purpose of these structures, users do not hesitate to take advantage of them in all possible ways.


Everything indicates that these duels are carried out thanks to a modThis brings us to a Reddit video posted by WeebMaster09 showing us several gamers fighting in PvP inside the Colosseums. The user assures that he was able to enter this building when accepting a duel invitation, which automatically teleported him inside the structure. However, there are many Internet users who consider this novelty as a mod created by a fan.



As expected, From Software has not commented on this alleged discovery. However, it is still surprising that users are taking full advantage of Elden Ring, especially considering that the development studio could take a few months to announce its plans around the Coliseums scattered throughout the Middle Lands.

Be that as it may, there is no doubt that Elden Ring continues to hold the interest of the community both for the adventure it offers and for what could present in the future. In terms of sales, we could say that From Software continues to enjoy the success of a game that is already the best-selling game in the first half of 2022 in Europe, which could lead the developer to a goal that only Rockstar has achieved. .

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