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Elden Ring

The Elden Ring hero who has shattered Malenia hundreds of times tells how his legend was forged

‘Let me solo her’ is already a symbol of the gaming community, but their first confrontations were not easy.

Elden Ring has not only managed to be a critical and sales success, it has also managed to be a phenomenon for an active community of players who have not stopped sharing their exploits on social networks. But now that community has a hero: ‘let me alone her‘ has been FromSoftware’s first legendary title player, a player who has already received the admiration of the public with countless tributes. Remember that the text and the video contains spoilers over one of the game’s optional bosses.

He has defeated Malenia between 300 and 400 times.To get to know the man behind the mask (or rather, behind the jar), Esports Extrasinterviewed the player who places his summon sEsports Extrasat the gates of Malenia. There is a certain consensus that La Espada de Miquella is the most difficult enemy of Elden Ring and one of the biggest challenges of FromSoftware games, a difficulty that Let me alone her suffered in her own flesh, needing 242 attempts and two invocations to finish her off for the first time.

Image by u/LautaroartImage by u/Lautaroart

From then on, Let me solo her was so fascinated by the character that he decided to fight her again and again: “I fell in love with his design, all his attacks are very elegant and she is ruthless as a boss. His infamous waterfowl dance is considered the move set [más difíciles] dodge of a FromSoftware boss to date, so I decided to show others that it wasn’t impossible.”

Why wear armor if you don’t plan to take any hits?let me alone herThe player has about 200 hours of play with this character, currently it is level 179, although it does not intend to further enhance its attributes. Regarding the choice of controlling a naked character with a jar on his head, Let me solo her explained that playing with naked characters is a tradition in Soulsborneand these are usually the most powerful: “Why wear armor if you don’t plan to take any hits? And the jar is a good luck charm of the character Alexander that I admire”, confessed the player.

Currently, he has lost count of the times he has defeated Malenia, but he estimates that the figure fluctuates between 300 and 400although he admits that he has lost against her more than he would like to admit: “I would like to express my apologies to those who have failed“. He has also clarified that he never gives up a fight against Malenia and that he has no problem with the host or another player deciding to help.

As the player’s legend has grown, imitators have appeared who have taken different attitudes to combat. If you want to find the real Let me solo her, they usually place their mark on PC, between 22:00 and 05:00 (peninsular time). If you want to know more about the last great work of Hidetaka Miyazaki, remember that in Esports Extras you have our analysis of Elden Ring available.

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