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The Elden Ring thing stopped making sense a long time ago: a streamer uses a device to play with her mind


The Elden Ring thing stopped making sense a long time ago: a streamer uses a device to play with her mind

We well know that the followers of the titles of FromSoftware they are able to play in any way soulsborne. The latest trend is the Elden Ring after its release almost a year ago and we have even seen how they play the game with a dance mat. But this time is too much.

Perrikaryal, a Twitch streamer, has managed to use an electroencephalogram (EEG) to track and record her brain activity. The section manages to transform that information into the button presses that we would carry out with a controller and making it possible for her to play through the Intermediate Lands without problems.

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Elden Ring might have gotten me hooked on PvP, but the Coliseums have sent my interest deep into the Middle Lands

However, achieving this feat is not easy. The content creator has a master’s degree in psychology, she has devised this system on her own and many hours of training have been necessary for the tool to respond properly, as reveal Jake Lucky. In addition, some actions are performed by saying them out loud, although the EEG does not have a voice recording function. Of course, she shows at the beginning of the broadcasts that she is not holding any controllers.

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Obviously, to make it easier to play this way, he has opted for the Astrologer class, which attacks from a distance and does not require jumping on top of the enemy to land blows. In any case, it is a very commendable achievement, although you yourself can test your knowledge of Elden Ring in your own Geoguessr.

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