The emblematic Delta Force reveals its first full trailer, an FPS classic returns

the emblematic delta force reveals its first full trailer, an

Tom Henry

The emblematic Delta Force reveals its first full trailer, an FPS classic returns

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Perhaps the most veteran of Vandal will remember a PC shooter called Delta Forcea first-person shooter game premiered in 1998 to offer us a title very inspired by its gameplay and sound section, standing out for its tactical aspect, its long missions and the quality of the enemy AI for the time.

Last week Tencent told us that the saga was going to come back to life and today, during the Opening Night Live On the occasion of Gamescom, its first trailer and new details of this video game have been presented that opt ​​for a free-to-play model.

A cross-play tactical shooter for PC, PS5, PS4, XSX/S, Xbox One, iOS and Android

Delta Force be a game multiplatform that will come out on PC, PS5, PS4, XSX / S, Xbox One and will also do so on iOS and Android devices also having cross-play that will allow us to enjoy games with other friends regardless of the game platform, in addition to having, as confirmed by Shadow Guo, the game’s director, with the possibility of cross-platform progression, so we can continue For example, our PC game on our mobile phone.

As for its gameplay, bet again on a tactical cut in which the players will choose an Operator before starting the game, finding the already classic roles of assault, engineer, support and reconnaissance that provide different qualities that we will need to complete our missions.

At the beginning we are going to have three game modes among which stands out a remastered campaEsports Extrasof Delta Force: Black Hawk Down that will allow us to relive the events of the Battle of Mogadishu that occurred in real life and which inspired the movie Black Hawk Down.

Looking at the multiplayer modes we will have extraction in which we will have to collaborate with other teammates to rescue some hostages from the clutches of a group of mercenaries controlled by the AI ​​or Great Battlefield if we prefer a competitive experience RRP. In both cases the action will take place on large maps with random events and vehicles of all kinds such as tanks, helicopters and other surprises.

A free-to-play model with seasons and some paid DLC

In Vandal we have been able to chat with some of those responsible for the game who have confirmed that we are facing a title that will be “mostly free-to-play” with some paid DLC that will come later”, Shadow Guo, producer and director of the game, told us. We also have plans to honor the fans of the original Delta Force with the arrival of classic characters in the game or the possibility of downloading new ones. music tracks for free.

On the other hand, the new Delta Force have a seasons system to help monetize it “and we will continue to update it every season with new maps, gameplay features, operators, missions, weapons, vehicles, etc,” concludes Guo.

for now what We don’t have a release date for the game but if you are interested you can already pre-register for the title by clicking on this link to be eligible for the closed alpha that will take place later this year.

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