The entire Elden Ring on an interactive map: here you have all its locations, bosses and secrets at the click of a button

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The immensity of Middle Lands it is one of the best strongholds of the superb Elden Ring. Not only is it a beautiful world, but it is full of dangers and secrets. Like all Dark Souls, except that it is an open world that we can explore with almost total freedom.

Fortunately Hidetaka Miyazaki and his team have been kind, not only in terms of innumerable grace points so as not to have to travel great distances between each region, but also in terms of the implementation of a map for the first time in a Soulsborne. And if you’re gnawing away at unlocking everything and need to see every detail of their universe, you’ll be happy to discover these two fantastic growing interactive maps from which to see it all.

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Whether from Map Genie or the Fextralife wiki, in both cases we are facing a global map of Middle Lands where any region, any boss or any important object, among other variables, is shown to us at the click of a button, so that you do not miss any detail of the wonderful Elden Ring.

They are quite complete from the start, but they still lack information and they do not stop updating. Something understandable considering that the game came out on February 25, 2022, even though the media had been playing with this GOTY candidate for several weeks before. So you have no excuse and enter without fear (well, a little yes) in this spiritual successor to Dark Souls.

For you to see a timid sample, here is the southern area as an example.Elden Ring

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