the EU group that destroys your anonymity and encryption

the eu group that destroys your anonymity and encryption

Tom Henry

the EU group that destroys your anonymity and encryption

The European Union has always been looking for the Internet to be a safe and fair place for everyone. That is why the EU has been launching regulations and laws to make the Internet more controlled. The fight against cybercrime and data protection is operational, but at the same time we have to take into account that a lot of criticism has been created in this regard for these decisions. The EU is trying new ways to end encryption and anonymity in the networks and this is how he has created the group called Going Dark.

A few months ago, the European Union announced its plans to update the convention on cybercrime. This was necessary, considering that we are talking about a budapest convention which entered into force on 2004. Since then, many things have changed and it is outdated in many wayscybercriminals do not operate in the same way and there are many more ways to affect security.

The EU has created a group called Going Dark to deal with security issues

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The idea of ​​the EU was to add a second additional protocol to this agreement, offering researchers greater freedom. In turn, they may access emails and documentsthus existing a system of international cooperation between different countries and service providers. Although this from the point of view of security was clear that it would allow us to know everything that happens, we have to take into account the negative aspect. And it is that basically theInternet anonymity disappeared and our data would be easier to find and access than ever.

We return to this issue, although this time the EU has created a working group called going dark, which will be in charge of ending anonymity and encryption. So we have a group of experts made up of high-level representatives of the different EU countries and even agencies such as Europol. In this case, the European Parliament will only have the observer role and said group will focus on 4 areas:

  • Anonymization, including the use of services VPN and the dark net
  • Encryption to access different types of content
  • Location data and services roaming (data roaming)

Going Dark seeks to end encryption and anonymity in networks

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The EU does not seem to be going to give up on its objective and despite the criticism surrounding the anonymity and freedom of the Internet, Going Dark will prioritize security above all else. With this change, security authorities will always have access to the data. They are expected to even be in control even of conversations and documents that are sent, so they would basically end with a stroke of the pen the apparent freedom that we have in networks.

This is a very controversial decision and it seems that other EU member states disagree on some aspects. Specific, you don’t want to kill off encryption completely. As the EU and the Going Dark group seek to circumvent anonymity and encryption, this raises the possibility that in the near future, authorities may have the ability to access our lives more easily than ever before. Now, we will see how this new vision of the EU is implemented in today’s society. The Going Dark group is expected to develop new proposals by mid-2024.

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