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The fastest AI supercomputer in the Middle East

the fastest ai supercomputer in the middle east

We are not going to discover Israel now, it has been a hub of great talents and engineers for more than a decade. It is a benchmark in the Middle East, and for this reason, almost all Western companies have headquarters there, or research laboratories, and even both on many occasions. NVIDIA sees an opportunity and a need in the country, since it is talking to many companies, it has seen the rise of AI in said territory and it has launched for it by advancing its new supercomputer: NVIDIA Israel-1.

The greens are ahead in this game of Artificial Intelligence and are taking advantage of the advantage to position themselves throughout the world, and as you surely already intuit, Israel is key. The demand in that country is overwhelming, nobody wants to be left behind, so Jensen Huang already has his next move ready.


NVIDIA Israel-1, the fastest AI supercomputer in the Middle East


We will not talk about the jealousy that competitors in that part of the world are going to have over Israel, but for NVIDIA to set up said supercomputer it is because the conditions are really favorable. In fact, the investment in such conditions is immense, since NVIDIA itself commented that it will be a cloud-based system that will cost hundreds of millions of dollars.

Taking into account the announcement last night, when NVIDIA commented that its Israel-1 will be operational by the end of this year 2023… The production capacity that TSMC will have to assume with its SUPER HOT RUN to reach time. Part of the infrastructure will be built by local companies, specifically, 800 new companies that they will make available to all kinds of workers, including thousands of software engineers, because once the facilities are finished and the DGX are on Israeli soil, the system must be brought to life and configured as such.

A truly impressive performance


And it is that there are only bombastic qualifiers for what is presented by NVIDIA, where curiously it has not really made much noise. We are talking about performance up to 8 EXAFLOPS dedicated exclusively to AI. This converts to NVIDIA Israel-1 on one of the fastest supercomputers in the world, with a calculation figure that is hard to imagine: 1 quintillion calculations per second (1,000,000,000,000,000,000 / S).


Gilad Shainer, Senior Vice President at NVIDIA, had a few words in reference to Israel-1:

“AI is the most important technology in our lives. Specifically, generative AI is going everywhere today. You need to be able to run training on large data sets. This system, NVIDIA Israel-1 is a large system scale that will actually allow them to train much faster, create frameworks and create solutions that can address more complex problems, and we can use this system to work with partners outside of Israel in the future.”

Shainer also commented that his company has worked closely with the University of Bristol in the UK to build this supercomputer, which has not yet revealed whether it will use the DGX-GH100 or DGX-GH200 to bring it to life.


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