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Elden Ring

The fighter Israel Adesanya stars in a motivational trailer for Elden Ring: “May death never stop you”

Haven’t you dared to play Elden Ring yet? FromSoftware’s game has clearly been a critical and sales success: 12 million copies sold, 96 on Metacriticand the interest and admiration of thousands of players who did not stop talking about the game on social networks and sharing their discoveries and fan projects.

But… how many of the players have managed to finish it? Elden Ring is exciting, but hard as it alone, and since Stormshroud’s first castle the game punishes you mercilessly.

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Bandai Namco, publisher of the game, has contacted the MMA, boxing and kickboxing fighter Israel Adesanaa New Zealander of Nigerian origin, to record a new motivational trailer: this is what many need to hear to continue persevering and passing Elden Ring.


Elden Ring – Trailer with Israel Adesanya

A King is not crowned without first killing his demonssays Adesanya.When you fall, don’t lose faith. get up again.”

The UFC champion is concise: “Be more precise than his swords, hit harder than his hammer. May death never stop you.”


Some may remember Adesanya because, a year ago, he walked into a fight wearing a mask inspired by Jin Sakai from Ghost of Tsushima.

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This is the second live-action trailer Bandai Namco has made for Elden Ring. At launch they made a trailer with another action star, Marvel and Star Wars actress Ming-Na Wen.

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Recently, FromSoftware announced that it was working on several new projectsand for this he was looking to make contracts to grow and be able to tackle all his games (some that will not be directed by Hidetaka Miyazaki, director of games at the same time as president of FromSoftware).

Will they do Elden Ring 2? There is nothing confirmed or denied, but it is a possibility that is certainly raised in FromSoftware… but with one condition.