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The film ‘anime’ Suzume no Tojimari already has a release date in Colombia

It’s been almost a year since we found out that the next film by director Makoto Shinkai —known for works as beautiful as Your name and The weather girlwould come to our region. They took a while to confirm it, but we finally know when it comes out in theaters or what is the release date of Suzume no TojimariOr simply suzumeIn colombia.

This is the story of a 17-year-old girl named Suzume, who one day opens a strange door in her quiet village in Kyushu in southeastern Japan, which causes similar magical doors to open across the country, causing destruction and devastation. . From then on, Suzume must tour Japan, visiting the affected places to close the gates.


We invite you to watch the USAsubtitled trailer of this film below.

This film has already become the ninth highest grossing anime film in its country of origin. It comes to Latin America thanks to the association between Crunchyroll and Sony Pictures.


When does it come out or what is the release date of suzume (Suzume no Tojimari) In colombia?

According to a statement from Cine Colombia shared on social networks, the film will be released in Colombia in April 2023. For its part, a statement from Crunchyroll revealed the exact date: the Thursday April 20, 2023.

Royal-Films also confirmed this date via its upcoming releases page. This is a week after the release date for other Latin American countries.

Sources: Colombian CinemaRoyal-Films, official statement from Crunchyroll