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The first details of Agent 22, the new VALORANT character

How quickly we get nervous! john goscickidirector of agents in VALORANThas confirmed in the latest statement that the shooter of Riot Games will have three new characters this 2023. In the video itself, they have advanced some information regarding the first one and we will have to wait for a calmer hero than the last ones who arrived in VALORANT. For his part, the second of them will be a sentinel while all the information regarding the last of them is unknown.

Harbor was the last agent to arrive VALORANT in October 2022, so many players are looking forward to a new character to manage. With all the meta established, it is time to introduce a new protagonist to the shooter and this will not be long in coming according to the latest video starring John Goscicki. The character director has confirmed that very soon the agent 22 to the title of Riot with peculiar characteristics. Goscicki himself points out that this new character will make the rivals “check all the corners well” since he will be able to reach different areas of the map in a calmer way. Will he have some kind of teleportation? It will certainly be a character class to plant the spike.

Three new agents will arrive at VALORANT this year

This latest video isn’t just a mouthful about the next character, as Goscicki details more plans for the future. As already mentioned, he shooter of Riot Games intends to incorporate three characters throughout 2023, still unknowing the dates. In addition to the Agent 22 clues that we have already highlighted, it has been detailed that the second “signing” will be a sentinel. No more physical details or its usefulness have been given about the latter, but more about the last of them is still unknown, since they don’t even talk about its class. At first it was speculated that there could be a new class for this year. Nevertheless, Jeff Landa He has denied such rumors and assures that it will belong to one of the existing classes.


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