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the first HDD with SSD speed

A new hit for SSDs is going to hit the market shortly. The rumors have ended up being true and what was promised will be much more true than previously thought. WD has achieved it, yes, it is true that the value will be high, it is true that it will be destined for servers, but it is also the first step to put an end to the old SATA 3 SSDs and push the sector towards a new interface… Or end up killing her in a few years. so is the Western Digital Ultrastar DC HS760the highest performing hard drive ever for a single drive.

Where is the secret to this cool new hard drive? Well with the call dual-actuatoror in other words, a dual actuator for a single HDD, something we are going to talk about and where all the magic of this new hard drive is.

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Western Digital Ultrastar DC HS760, the beginning of the end of SATA SSDs?


Well it could be. The performance is, in theory, so close, with such a difference in capacity, such a difference in price, that in a few years we could talk about the end of SATA SSDs without problems. As we say, the magic is in the dual actuator that integrates this Ultrastar DC HS760, which is independently formed to be able to read or write data simultaneously in parallel.

The result is twice the sequential throughput. There is no specific data to offer at the moment, mainly because WD has not shown it, but it has slipped more data on how the system works. It will be a model with two logical unit number or LUN of 10TB that the PC or server/NAS will recognize as one for a total of 20TB of capacity.

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The host manages the location of the files on the two volumes in order to achieve the highest number of IOPS (obviously undisclosed) and thereby improve the density of access per TB. What specific numbers is WD offering in this presentation? Well the following.

  • Until 2 times the sequential performance.
  • Until 1.7 times random performance.
  • up to a 37% more energy efficient.

OptiNAND with ePMR


Other technologies that this Western Digital Ultrastar DC HS760 will use are OptiNAND, ePMR either HeliumSeal, all well known of course and more than proven, to the point that we are talking about more than 100 million units with them. The novelty and the reason for naming them is that here they have taken a step further. For example, WD claims that the third platform with an integrated FLASH drive EFD from a bill with UFS is used in OptiNAND.

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As a result of that, technologies imported from previous HDDs such as the HC560, such as ArmorCache for the DRAM. WCE or WCD. As expected, the cache will be the key here, since although it has not been revealed either, considering that the HC560 already comes with 512MB1 GB may be achieved for the first time in such a HDD.

As for the MTBFthis Western Digital Ultrastar DC HS760 will achieve 2.5 million hours for one 5 year warranty. Likewise, the price has not been revealed, and although it is an HDD with SAS interfaceIt is the first step to see this technology exported to consumer PCs, we assume, that in no more than two years according to the company’s roadmap.


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