The first lucky person who has tried the Meta Quest 3 has confirmed some of its specifications | Top News

the first lucky person who has tried the meta quest

Tom Henry

The first lucky person who has tried the Meta Quest 3 has confirmed some of its specifications | Top News

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Although the oculus quest 3, or rather Meta Quest 3, are a reality, their official specifications and release date are unknown. Although the Americans are not getting off the boat “they will be launched this 2023”, all we have are rumors. However, thanks to Bloomberg we have been able to learn some specs Or better, sensations after some time of use.

Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman has had a chance to try out Facebook’s headset, which he calls “Apple’s competition in virtual reality.” Although they are only a few first impressions, we have some details of its use and specifications. For example, it is said that they will be lighter and thin than the previous generation, which will be beneficial for the head.

Perhaps one of the points of biggest difference in relation to the previous model is the resolution of its virtual reality screens. According to rumors, we are talking about a 30% more resolution than the Quest 2, with 4128×2208 total pixels or 2064×2208 in each eye. However, according to Gurman, they are “similar to Quest 2even though the resolution is rumored to be a bit higher.”

Regarding the other relevant improvements, the journalist anticipates not only the performance and the speed of this peripheral, which makes use of Snapdragon XR2, but also the “video transfer for mixed reality“. It relies on external cameras to allow users to view a live video feed of the real world, creating an augmented reality effect without the use of transparent lenses.

On the other hand, there 3 sensor zones, and for each of them there are installed 2 color cameras, 2 standard cameras and a depth sensor. The tracking cameras are located on the lower left and right sides of the goggles. In fact, color cameras give a color gamut accuracy much more real as soon as we use mixed reality.

But, and the price? At the moment, it is unknown, but everything seems to indicate that Meta has already fixed it. The American media anticipates that the Quest 3 will have an approximate price of 500 dollarsalthough this could vary in different international markets.

The Metaverse of Meta is sinking

Along with NFTs, the rise of metaverse It led several companies to jump into the pool of a technology, or rather an interactive medium, that did not have the full support of the community. Facebook was one of them and, despite having invested no less than 13 billion dollars in the last year in this project, the Metaverse of Meta is no longer the priority for the company.

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