The Foglands Brings Gunshot Virtual Reality Action This Year

Sony promised that it would show five new titles for PS VR2 in last night’s State of Play broadcast, and the top of the list is none other than a first person shooter / western called The Foglands.

Developed by independent studio Well Told Entertainment, this game takes players into a smog that surrounds the underground community in which they live. The idea will be to enter this dangerous fog with the hope of obtaining rewards, all at the service of a mysterious stranger.

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The story synopsis (according to the PlayStation Blog) is as follows:

“In this world completely shrouded in Smog, you are part of a community forced to live in an underground bunker, called The Hold. Within the community, there are scavengers who maintain the survival of their shelter, called Runners. These Runners are the few who have the courage to enter the dangers of the Fog.

“The story begins when you play as a new Runner on his first mission, which ends in complete disaster. Then, you meet a peculiar guy who wants to make a deal. A mysterious character nicknamed The Outsider. He promises you a lot of blessings, rewards and as many opportunities as it takes to hunt down a large creature that directly threatens your home. With your goals aligned, why not make this deal?”

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As for when The Foglands is coming to brand new hardware, all we’re told is that the game is coming to PS VR2 sometime in 2023. Otherwise, we can expect more details later in the year.

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The Foglands