The Forspoken studio is completely absorbed by Square Enix

Square Enix Holdings (the corporation that encompasses all the companies and studios of the group) announces internal movements in its organization. The studio they already owned, Luminous Productions (the creators of the ill-fated Forspoken) merges with the Square Enix studio completely, losing the name along the way.

According to the brief statement on the company’s official website, this operation serves to reinforce the group’s projects in the medium term, taking advantage of the strengths of both teams to form a single development unit.

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“The merger is part of the company’s efforts to further strengthen the competitive edge of the group’s development studios, a goal set out in its current medium-term business strategy. Square Enix Co., Ltd. has developed numerous AAA games High Definition (HD) and owns a large amount of intellectual property (IP) and content, while Luminous Productions Co., Ltd. has not only AAA title development capabilities, but also technical expertise in areas such as the development of game engines. The combination of both entities will further enhance the Group’s ability to develop high-definition games.”

Of course, the disastrous sales performance of Forspoken will have had a lot to do with the decision. At the moment it has not been revealed if the merger has meant the loss of jobs in the now extinct Luminous, but we will be pending in case there are any news regarding this new path within Square Enix.

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