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The FR 5.56 Famas weapon could be coming to Modern Warfare II and Warzone 2.0 very soon

Fans of Modern Warfare II and Warzone 2.0 will no doubt expect more weapons to arrive with future updates as this has become a tradition.

Season Two Reloaded brought the Tempus Torrent Assault Rifle and with season three fast approaching, fans are getting their first proper idea of ​​what might come with that update – and subsequent ones.


The ‘Task Force Leakers 141’ Twitter account, in a post on March 27, claimed to reveal all future weapons coming to Modern Warfare 2 during their lifecycle.

Among other weapons, they claimed that the fan-favorite FAMAS assault rifle, which has appeared under various names and guises in the CoD series, will be making a return. Specifically, he will re-enter the fray as FR 5.56 in Season 3.

The leaker also claimed to reveal a list of weapons that would return to the current game (and thus Warzone 2.0) in the future. It includes another sword, Kali Sticks, and a number of weapons with largely unknown names.

It’s obvious that if this weapon returns a lot of Call of Duty veterans will feel right at home but other people hate it pretty much. Let’s wait to see the official confirmations and use this information as a reference to what will come since it may be false.