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The function to share screenshots from Xbox to Twitter has been removed

Thank you Elon Musk for making one of the functions that many used something impossible or at least that is confirmed by the official Xbox account where it implies that this function will not be available.

For many, many years, you’ve been able to share screenshots taken with your Xbox directly to Twitter. As of yesterday afternoon, this is no longer an option.


The reason this was removed is that Twitter, led by Elon Musk, decided to charge companies an “upfront fee” of $42,000 to gain access to its API features.

Unfortunately, this also affects the Xbox Game Bar on Windows 10 and 11, but not the Xbox app on smartphones. More third-parties are reportedly doing the same thing (removing sharing support), but not yet. We’ve heard nothing about Nintendo or Sony.

While we understand that Twitter needs to make money, basically charging to share things on social media is a self-defeating way to do it.

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