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The Future of Call of Duty: Big Event Reveals 2 New Warzone Games and CoD MW2 Launches Beta

An exciting week for fans of Call of Duty is coming up: On September 15th, CoD will start the reveal event “CoD Next” and on September 16th the beta of Modern Warfare 2 will go online. All dates and the most important information can be found here on MeinMMO.

What dates are coming up? Call of Duty is going all out this week: In a big event, two new titles will be presented in detail for the first time and the multiplayer of Modern Warfare 2 is also the focus.

In addition, the first phase of the CoD MW2 beta will start on Friday, September 16th. The most important information about the event and beta can be found here in the overview.

CoD Next: Event reveals Warzone titles and multiplayer

When is the event? In our time zone, CoD Next launches on Thursday, September 15 at 6:30 p.m. The event can be followed on YouTube and Twitch:

  • CoD Next / 09/15/22 at 6:30 p.m

What is there to see at the event? The reveal event will focus on three major revelations:

Modern Warfare 2 will be released on October 28th and will feature an in-depth look at multiplayer at the event. There is also information about the new Warzone games.

There might be some surprises too. The leak of a subscription service for CoD has been haunting the community for a long time. There could also be announcements related to the Xbox Game Pass. CoD’s zombie community is also eagerly awaiting new announcements.

Only the announcements for the three titles mentioned above are really certain.

CoD MW2 PlayStation Beta: The dates of the first week

When does the beta start? The test phase runs over two weekends and the first week only players on the PlayStation can play.

  • Early Access: September 16-17
  • Open Beta 1: September 18-20
    • A specific time is not yet known

You can get early access by pre-ordering CoD MW2. Many content creators are also giving away keys for early access of the beta.

We collect all information about the beta in our large information article:

CoD Modern Warfare 2: Beta starts on September 16th. – Release, keys and date

What can you test? It will be a test of the multiplayer mode, but the exact contents are not yet known. Among other things, the new map Grand Prix should be playable, a Formula 1 race track.

The beta of the predecessor Vanguard offered a total of 6 modes on 4 maps in 2021.

When does the 2nd beta start? For the other forms of play Xbox One, Xbox Series, Steam and it will only start on September 22nd. For players on PlayStation, the second weekend is a full open beta:

  • Xbox / PC dates
    • Early Access: September 22-23
    • Open Beta: September 24-26
  • Playstation
    • Open Beta 2: September 22-26

If you haven’t seen any Modern Warfare 2 gameplay yet, we’ll embed a video here that shows almost a complete level of the campaign:

CoD: Modern Warfare 2 takes gameplay to a full level – Looks even more realistic than ever

This week, important points are set for Call of Duty. After two rather lean years with decreasing numbers of games, you want to attack again this year. Some surprise announcements are also possible.

For the most successful shooter franchise in the world, 2022 is a crucial year and the CoD Next explains to us players how we want to switch back to the fast lane. Write in the comments what your expectations are.

You can read here why the current strategy is strongly reminiscent of the last CoD hype 2019/2020: Activision loses 40% players in 1.5 years – but Call of Duty has the same plan as in 2019 and that changed everything.

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