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The future of Dying Light 2: The story DLC does not go into space for the time being

Zombies, action and parkour – also a recipe for success for Techland in Dying Light 2: Stay Human. Dying Light 2 Lead Designer Tymon Smektala hints at where the game is headed.


Crazy space settings don’t come into play for now

Dying Light 2 sold over five million copies in its first month. The franchise as a whole has sold more than 20 million. In particular, the longevity of the games is crucial for success. Many years of support from the developer have been normal up to now.

The second part should be treated similarly. Techland wants to support Dying Light 2 for at least five years. Smetkala advises fans to keep their expectations down to earth – literally.

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“Don’t expect that [der DLC] put you in space or something like that. That would happen maybe in year 3 or 4,” jokes the lead designer about the planned first expansion, which has been pushed back to September.

“Our PR lady looks at me weird when I say this because I’ve said something hypothetical about Dying Light 3 in other interviews, but the headlines said ‘Dying Light 3 confirmed’ so I’m not confirming that we’re taking the players to the space or to Atlantis.”

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More news about Dying light 2:


Details on the first two expansions

In an interview with VG247, Smetkala also gives some hints about the contents of the first two expansions. “DLC 1 and 2 are different locations, but they’re all in the same universe,” she says. Both start in the town of Villedor and also play “broadly” in the same area, according to Smetkala.

“We have 5 years of content ahead of us, with big strides that will take us to where we want to be in 5 years,” continued Smektala.

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“I think that in those 5 years the game will grow into a really big game. I think that’s all I can reveal at this point. The game will definitely grow and get more locations and more content, but it’s too early to go into details. We don’t want to promise something that will then take on a life of its own and be taken out of context.”

Atlantis and outer space aren’t quite out of the window yet, but in the near future the locations will remain more down-to-earth.


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