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The GALAX GeForce RTX 4090 breaks 5 world records at 3.45 GHz

GALAXY (KFA2) has kicked off the overclocking party with the GeForce RTX 4090. To do so, he combined his GALAX GeForce RTX 4090 SG (Serious Gaming) with its Brazilian overclocking group TecLab OC. The circle was closed with a little liquid nitrogen to achieve magic.

All this combined resulted in a frequency of 3,450MHz, a figure that is not very striking either. From the factory, this GPU with PCB and custom cooling system with four fans (PCB with a VRM of 18+4 phases), reaches a frequency of 3.075MHzwhich makes it clear how easy it is to reach 3,000 MHzbut how difficult it is to go beyond that figure without energy consumption and, therefore, temperatures, skyrocketing.

These records also involved changes in the voltages across the Trimmer potentiometer. Removed GPU power limit driver, consumer readers for switching frequencies were added, and PCB insulation was improved. One of the more curious problems with overclocking was that the GPU didn’t seem to like running at a temperature between -100 and -110ºC. Just out of curiosity, unfortunately they did not indicate the energy consumption achieved.

GALAX and its GeForce RTX 4090 already hold 5 performance world records

GALAX GeForce RTX 4090 SC overclocked 3.45GHz (1)

Combined with a processor Intel Core i9-12900KSa DDR5 RAM at 5,400 MHz, and a very generous power supply from Corsair, capable of supplying up to 1,600W of powerthe GPU managed to break three performance records in the benchmarks of 3DMarkand two in those of overlay.

Specifically, at 3,300 MHz with memory at 23.97 Gbps, it managed to achieve a performance of 28,553 points in 3DMark Fire Strike Ultra. At 3,270 MHz and memory at 24.24 Gbps, it reached 29,304 points in 3Dmark Port Royal, while at the same chip frequency, but at 23.97 Gbps memory, it outperformed 3DMark Time Spy Extreme with a score of 21,949 points.

The other two tests were in Superposition 1080p Extreme, with 24,852 points (3,375 MHz / 23.86 Gbps), and 8K Overlay with 17,194 points (3,360MHz / 24.06Gbps).

The beginning of a battery of practically daily records

These world records are just the beginning, and is that the GALAX GeForce RTX 4090 SG are the company’s most basic GPUs. It is to be expected that from tomorrow other groups of overclockers linked to manufacturers will appear, such as ASUS, MSI or Esports ExtrasGYTE breaking these records with ease. Not to mention waiting for future GALAX HOF (Hall of Fame), the top of the range models.

In essence, these models are the kings of overclocking and those with the most overclocking records on the market. They have basically been designed with overclocking in mind, and for now these GPUs have not seen the light of day in the market, so the relevant overclocking records will be a long time coming. Although this RTX 4090 has a 22-phase VRM, the “old” RTX 3090 Ti HOF already boasted of offering 26 power phases coming close to 1,000W of power consumption in overclocking records.

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