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The giant chicken returns to PUBG: Battlegrounds for April Fool’s Day

It’s payback for all the chicken dinners we’ve had. Last year we had a terrifying experience when we faced a giant chicken in PUBG: Battlegroundsbut the nightmare is not over because the monster is back to celebrate April Fool’s Day in 2023.

Don’t you know what we’re talking about? So we invite you to watch the following video from 2022 that prepared us to face this gruesome bird.


This game mode was called Monster Chicken Royale, but now it has been revamped in the form of Bizarre Battle Royale.

How and when to face the giant chicken in PUBG: Battlegrounds?

Bizarro Battle Royale gameplay will be available within PUBG LABS at Battlegrounds between Saturday April 1, April Fool’s Day, and Monday April 10, 2023.


What is it and what are the rewards?

This game mode puts us in a battlefield full of giant chickens and zombies with special abilities. We will have to collect OP coins from zombies, fallen players and chickens to buy temporary OP items that grant advantages such as increased HP, invulnerability, the ability to see enemies on the map and more.

The fact that it's April Fool's Day doesn't make the giant chicken that's back in PUBG's Bizarro Battle Royale: Battlegrounds any less dangerous.

Just like in the traditional Battle Royale of PUBG: Battlegrounds, the last team standing will be the one to win the Giant Chicken Bizarre Battle Royale. The top three teams will earn additional OP Coins in future matches. Each time you play this mode, you will receive a Bizarro Survivor Emblem. You can exchange five of these emblems for a hunter chest and a key.

Source: Krafton official statement