The good space western comes as a tabletop RPG and with brutal illustrations based on the legendary Jack Kirby

Tom Henry

Here is a server who fell in love with the world of cartoons through, among many others, the unforgettable Jack Kirby style. Beside Stan Leethe cartoonist shaped some of the most recognized superheroes of La Casa de las Ideas, such as the fantastic four, The Avengers either Hulk.

Now, Old Gods and Young Guns stands as an inspiration to the golden age of the Silver Age of comics, but in a tabletop RPG format. Available via for $10, the plot takes us to an alternate universe where humanity has conquered virtually every planet in the galaxy. However, everything is complicated by the appearance of gods and the use of firearms based on their powers.

Friday is the Dark Souls of solo card games

Precisely the work created by Kayla MacQuarrie is based on the New Gods comics of the 70s in DC, drawn by Kirby. Therefore, we are faced with a space western that allows us to have unique duels and make decisions such as ending futuristic corporations. Of course, the game mode that we want has to be independent, since here we are only offered an initial configuration.

The guides include information on what life is like in this setting, possible character archetypes, and a specific look at a location with places and named characters to hook the plot, but don’t include any mechanics to play through.

Paying the requested cost we take the PDF with all the basic set of the universe of Old Gods and Young Gunsalthough we can ask for it bound for 13 euros.

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