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The great controversy of the KOI match against Fnatic TQ in Superliga

There has been a long time exploit in League of Legends that directly affects ryze already the rune ‘walk on water‘. A week ago, Luka Perković «Perkz» used this rune during a Team Vitality match, which resulted in a fine of €1,000 to the organization. The super league has not been foreEsports Extrasto this exploit and we’ve already seen it a couple of times. The first time was in the meeting between Movistar Riders Y BISONS ECLUB. Far from it, this week he has once again given something to talk about.

On Tuesday, January 31, we experienced the confrontation between Fnatic TQ and Finetwork KOI. João Miguel Novais Bigas «Roof» chose this Ryze and, of course, he had the rune of Waterwalking or ‘Walking on water’. The exploit of this Rune makes the moment Ryze enters the river, get more max mana. Upon exiting, the total mana returns to its initial state, but the one that is available increases. In this way, we can find ourselves facing a greater mana regeneration that can be achieved by constantly entering and exiting the river.


The exploit de Ryze reappears in Superliga

During the last few hours, Ryze’s problem has become apparent on social networks. Several people have pointed out that the midlaner of KOI used this rune even with the knowledge that there is a exploit that directly affects it. The Professional Video Game League (LVP) has ruled that the player did not take advantage of it, so they have not shown greater punishment than the warning.

However, people are not clear about what will happen from now on. And it is that many affirm that in case of repetition, the clubs could complain that their past users did not receive any type of punishment. What has been created is a precedent with which they will have to fight from now on. What happens if a team takes advantage of the rune during the next few days? If the LVP punishes them, they can hide behind the previous teams, but if it continues like this we find ourselves before a very problematic precedent for the future.

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