The great games that will come to iPhone 15 Pro will not be cheaper: The price of Resident Evil 4 Remake on iOS revealed

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the great games that will come to iphone 15 pro

One of the big surprises at the event that Apple held a couple of weeks ago had to do with several great video games that confirmed their arrival on iOS, specifically the new iPhone 15 Pro. They are new generation titles that will receive an adaptation for mobile phones without this implying a cut in content or features. That is to say, They are not versions mobile or anything like that, but the same console and PC games but adapted to the specifications of the phone.

Maybe that’s why Its price will be the same on iOS as on computers. That is the new information that has been known today and that has answered one of the big doubts that we had regarding these adaptations: at least in the case of Resident Evil 4 Remakeone of the games confirmed for iPhone 15 Pro, its mobile version will cost the same as the PC version, that is, £57.99 in the United Kingdom (according to VGC) and $59.99 in the United States (according to Touch Arcade).

The DLCs of Resident Evil 4 Remake They will also come to iPhone 15 Pro

According to this information, the base application of Resident Evil 4 Remake be free on iOS, and it will be inside where we can choose which package we want to buy. The game itself will be available at full price, as you can see in the image, and You can also purchase its DLC (it seems that even Separate Ways will be available, the chapter with Ada Wong that is already available on PC and consoles).

At the moment it is unknown price of other great video games confirmed for iPhone 15 Pro, such as Assassin’s Creed Mirage, Death Stranding either Resident Evil Villagebut it is to be expected that they will receive treatment similar to that of Resident Evil 4 Remake.

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