The GTA VI map promises to revolutionize video games with a new system

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the gta vi map promises to revolutionize video games with

Rockstar would be planning something very different from what has been seen to date in relation to the GTA VI map, constantly modifying the areas in which it can be played.

The GTA VI map promises to revolutionize video games with a new system

GTA VI It is postulated as the most anticipated game of this generation, but also as the more ambitious in the hands of Rockstar. The company is targeting the next fiscal year for the release of the game, so it should be a reality. between April 1, 2024 and March 31, 2025. In this way, there are many who wonder what the company can do to impress again and revolutionize the formula Seen in GTA V and Red Dead Redemption II. The answer would be in the map of GTA VIwhich would introduce a new and revolutionary system.

This is what the journalist says Jason Schreier in an article published in Bloomberg. According to his sources, the GTA VI map will be constantly evolving during the stages after the official release of the game. Thus, some of the areas that can be visited will be modified or replaced by new ones, expanding the content and allowing players to always have something new to do in their games. It aims for Vice City to be the main location, but the rest of the cities will be added and expanded to allow a greater freedom of development and avoid crunch.

Some of these areas that will be added over time since the official launch of the game would be the based in Cubaalthough all this information must be taken as a rumor until Rockstar rules to find out what their plans are with GTA VI.

One of the actresses related to GTA VI denies her participation in the game

Among other news that are emerging in recent times in relation to GTA VI, highlights the pronouncement of the actress Leslie Lluvet, which has been linked to the Rockstar game. However, the young woman herself has gone to social networks to ask that they stop sending her messages in relation to the next installment of the saga, since she is not in charge of giving life to Lucía, the protagonist of GTA VI, but rather his work focuses on the role of Zenia in Far Cry 6.

So there are still many secrets to discover in relation to GTA VIbut if Jason Schreier’s information is fulfilled and have that dynamic and constantly evolving map, we could be facing one of the greatest revolutions in open world games.

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