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The hacker who leaked GTA 6 is at a five-star wanted level

A few days ago, we experienced the biggest leak in the video game industry. This was the long-awaited game Grand Theft Auto VI or better known as GTA 6, of which we were able to see dozens of videos of its development. this great filtration of GTA 6 was due to a hacker, of which rock star is very interested in knowing his whereabouts, something that the FBI getting involved in the matter.

The leak of GTA 6 was considered as real by Rockstar itself, something that created a great surprise for all those skeptics who believed that it was false. But by the time the company became aware of their existence, the hacker who leaked all those videos is doomed. Now him FBI has signed up to find out who or who have been to blame for this GTA 6 leak and for that will collaborate with Uberwho thinks she was the victim of the same person.

The hacker of GTA 6 in search and capture by the FBI

Police Investigation GTA 6 FBI

Last weekend, the parent company of Rockstar Games, Take-Two Interactive, experienced a security breach by a hacker who subsequently leaked a lot of information about the game. This would be the biggest leak in gaming historyeven more than that of Last of Us 2 occurred in 2020. And it is that, in this the graphic engine, development tools, gameplay and even code belonging to a preliminary version of GTA 6 have been shown.

The user who showed all this content to the rest of the world, published it in the GTA Forumsso it was only a matter of time before the videos longer than 1 hour They went viral in a matter of hours. Of course, rock star found out about this and showed his disappointment about it, because they did not want these details to be revealed, and less so unofficially. That is why he does not want to leave loose ends and for this he will entrust the FBI with the task of finding this criminal.

Uber and the FBI will work together: it is believed that it was the same hacker

Uber FBI Investigation

As the hacker sought to reach a economic agreement with Rockstar before going up andl source code of GTA 6, the FBI was already on the move. For this, it will have an American ally, the company Uberwhich was affected by the hacker group slip$which had already carried out attacks on companies of the size of microsoft either NVIDIA. The similarities between both cases could give an important clue to reveal who it was. And it is that, Uber thinks that he was a hacker of only 18 years the cause of the GTA 6 leak.

In fact, Already who has been confirmed it isthen under the name of Tea PotEast hacker by Lapsus$ responsibility for both hacks has been claimed. This name would match the account that uploaded the GTA 6 leak videos, which was called “teapotuberhacker“, so it all makes sense. From here, the FBI is working with digital forensic companies, in order to find out who he is in person. However, Tea Pot is threatening that if they continue will leak more GTA 6 gameplay and, in addition, it ensures that it has information about other games such as Bully 2 and other Rockstar IP.

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