The Harry Potter series from Indonesia is an absurd knock-off and simply steals everything from the original – only in worse

Tom Henry

the harry potter series from indonesia is an absurd knock off

Left, Harry Potter. Right, Alfa. No, STOP! Vice versa … right!? Please help us on the jumps!

The similarities are said to be pure coincidence, but nobody who dares to compare really believes that: In Alfa a story unfolds that is almost identical to that of Harry Potter. It’s just that she’s decked out with probably the worst CGI the world has ever seen. But the bold Harry Potter rip-off from Indonesia is also thrilling half the internet because there are some changes and the self-made charm is so involuntarily funny.

This Harry Potter ripoff from Indonesia looks completely absurd and goes on for 42 hours

That’s what it’s about: On TikTok and Co, some videos about Alfa are currently doing the rounds that are really tough. Apparently there is an Indonesian Harry Potter copy that tells almost exactly the same story: A child lives under the stairs and gets an invitation to magic school in the owl mail, but the mean aunt tears up the letter.

Wild Differences: The best thing about Alfa – besides the fact that the series is probably around 42 hours long – is that the creators don’t seem to care at all about how cheap the series looks. For example, the Hogwarts Express ride was simply repurposed as a kind of roller coaster ride, which appears to have been filmed in an actual amusement park.

Harry Potter, uh, Alfa gets his wand at a farmer’s market, and it’s made out of a banana! It’s all just begging to be enjoyed. Those responsible should have had a lot of fun during the shooting, which was deliberately kept cheap. Special attention is also paid to the ingenious animations:

The series is 42 hours long. This means that it could theoretically be a lot closer to the original books than the eight Harry Potter films were. We kind of doubt it, though, given what we’ve seen so far.

Full on YouTube: You can even watch the full Harry Potter ripoff Alfa on YouTube. However, unfortunately without subtitles and neither in German nor in English. But we just say that the pictures can speak for themselves and you will have a lot of fun.

How do you like the Harry Potter knockoff Alfa? Do you think the completely coincidental similarities could cause problems?

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