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The hidden secret of the LoL store that very few knew

That League of Legends has a base of millions of players is a fact. All these users spend hours and hours in the Riot Games MOBA. However, we are facing a video game so big that it is normal that some interactions go unnoticed. And that has happened with a function of the MOBA shop that has been discovered relatively recently.

The LoL store was updated a little over a year ago. Since then we have seen how different aspects have been updated, such as the frames of the objects or the order in which we find them. However, there a feature that went unnoticed and that could save us a few seconds when shopping. It is not something that will change our lives but it is interesting when buying.

Insane Shop Discovery from leagueoflegends

The League store interaction that went unnoticed

This time we are faced with an interaction related to keyboard shortcuts. With her we will can access entire objects through components much sooner. Although we can find them through the store search engine, using the keyboard we can reach these items complete much faster.


The interaction works as follows. Imagine you have a Fervor in the inventory, specifically in the hole number 1. In case of opening the store and pressing the number 1, it will instantly be updated and it will show us all the complete objects that we can buy with it.

The reality is that Riot Games implemented this tool when they added the new store. This was confirmed by a rioter, who noted that it had been specified in the patch notes in question. However, it went unnoticed in the eyes of everyone and now many have become aware of this fun feature. The reaction of the content creator who discovered it is not wasted, although as many have highlighted, it is something anecdotal that not everyone will use.

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