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The history of Destiny 1 and 2 up to Season 18 quickly summarized

In February, the Guardians will face off against Savathun in Destiny 2. For some players, their name may not mean much. But the upcoming meeting is something special. Why? Well, Savathun is adept at manipulating you, and you’ve been doing exactly what she wants since Destiny 1. Time to uncover the mysteries and history of the “Queen of Deceit” in the Destiny story.

This article will be updated regularly, so you can always find out about the latest story content. Finally he became on May 29th updated with Season of the Haunted (Season 17) content.

In the past few years there have been some big raid opponents in Destiny 1 and 2, all of which you have defeated.

  • Crota had to die after being manipulated by his aunt Savathun.
  • Oryx, King of the Taken, fell trying to avenge the keepers for his son.
  • Calus listened to the darkness, but his morbid play with the light brought him down too.
  • Riven created a time warp in the Dreaming City and gave Savathun a last wish.
  • The Crown of Sorrows was the lure and “witch trap” for Calus.
  • In Witch Queen, “The Witness” and his apprentice were revealed before Calus returned as herald.

All of these were also raids in which Savathun already played a major role. She pulled the strings in the background on each of these events. She manipulated Crota and incited him to do what he did. The implication was that Oryx would exact revenge and she got Quiria, the Vex spirit. Through Calus, she indirectly “trained” us Guardians against the Darkness. Riven, too, diverted our gaze from the essential and, with each new curse week, satiated the hunger of Savathun’s worm.

Savathun has planned everything for us since Destiny 1

A lot of what Guardians did in Destiny 1 and 2 was nudge Savathun’s well-placed dominoes. And mostly without them being aware of who the actual opponent is. It is only now that it is becoming clear how far this peril actually reaches, provided that you know the story completely.

I will disembodied to exist where my intrigues and conspiracies exist. And so I will be immortal as long as someone tries to understand me and fails.

Savathun about their plan

Is Savathun now enemy or friend? Just because Savathun’s current intentions coincide with ours for now, doesn’t make them an ally. The enemy of my enemy, knowing all the facts, remains an uncontrollable variable.

What is she planning? With the Traveler’s help, does she want to get your life back, just get rid of your worm? Or does she long for his limitless power? After all, due to her contract with the Worm Gods, she cannot face the Darkness directly.

Mara Sov Savathun Queen Season 15 Destiny 2 Title
What is the Witch Queen really planning?

We know this for sure: Bungie has spent years with Savathun being slow to reveal himself to the Guardians. The witch queen’s actions were cleverly planned and well hidden. Only those who followed the story correctly recognized this. Her final step is now collaborating with Queen Mara Sov in Season 15.

When the new expansion The Witch Queen is released in February 2022, the Queen of Deceit will make her full debut and that will also bring significant changes to Destiny 2.

So that you are up to date on the story, we summarize the entire Destiny story for you, including the most important events. Please note that this article may also contain spoilers.

The story of Destiny 1

Prehistory: How it all begins

When “The Traveler” arrived on Earth, he gave wings to the people. He brought them to the “Golden Age of Mankind” for centuries. Thanks to him, the people of Earth lived longer, flew further and knew more. But that all changed when the Darkness came, bringing with it a devastating collapse that nearly wiped out humanity.

Again the traveler saved the people. He sacrificed himself to push back the darkness. His last breath released the spirits. They should seek out and revive those who can wield its light and continue to hold the darkness at bay instead. So they became guardians of the light and thus defenders of humanity.

This is how every Guardian’s story begins in the 28th century when they wake up in the ruins of the ancient cosmodrome in Russia.

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“You are a Keeper!”

2014: The Black Garden

The Guardians’ first mission took them to the Black Garden, a realm outside of space and time, where they discovered the Black Heart – a being of darkness. It weakened the traveler and drained their light. Since he couldn’t do it himself, it was up to the guardians to defeat the evil. Once that was accomplished, the Traveler slowly began to heal, and so did the Keepers’ resolve.

The guardians get support from a mysterious stranger Exo, who appears again and again.

Crota, son of Oryx, wages war on the moon

The darkness wasn’t the only threat. The Hive, a previously uncharted alien race, meanwhile conquered Earth’s moon in a war that became known as “The Great Disaster.” The skies above the moon burned green as the Hope Eater Crota, Prince of the Host and son of the Taken King, sliced ​​through the Keepers and bled their light dry.

Bravely, the fireteam around Eriana-3, Sai Mota, Omar Agah, Vell Tarlowe, Eris Morn and Toland the Shattered wanted to face Crota. But they failed. Eris Morn was the only survivor to escape the flock. The price was that she was changed forever.

Eris then supported us Guardians in the fight against Crota, so that we were victorious. But when Crota fell, it was only a matter of time before Oryx the Taken King would come to avenge his son.

Destiny Crota’s End: Raid Loot – These items are available in the Crota Raid

2015: The House of Wolves

After the Hive were pushed back, the Keepers learned of the fallen Skolas, the Kell of the Kells, through a messenger from the Awakened Queen Mara Sov.

He tried to bring three fallen houses (Winter, *text muted*s, Kings) under his control and above all to unite them. His rebellion was directed against the Awakened in the Reef. So the Guardians work together with Variks the Loyal (the emissary of Mara Sov) as well as Petra Venj (the Wrath of the Queen of the Reef – a bodyguard of sorts).

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Together they manage to thwart Skola’s attempt to summon the entire House of Wolves through time using Vex technology. When he is defeated, he is captured and taken to the Prison of Elders. But there he challenged the guards one last time. Vain.

2015: The Taken King

Cayde-6, the hunter vanguard, brings us word that Crota’s father is en route to us in a giant ‘graveship’ he fashioned from his worm, ready to take position at Saturn. He wants to exact his revenge. The Awakened intercepted his fleet at Saturn, and Mara Sov and her Techians unleashed an attack that no one can actually survive.

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One of the three host gods: Oryx, King of the Taken

However, Oryx fired his Dreadnaught’s main weapon, destroying the Awakened fleet and apparently Queen Mara Sov as well. This attack also left a large hole in the rings of Saturn, which can still be seen in the game to this day.

Oryx brought the Taken to Destiny. Beings corrupted by darkness and transformed by paracausal forces into a new kind of nightmare. Only with the help of Eris Morn, Cayde-6 and Amanda Holliday did we Guardians receive cloaking technology from Rasputin and were able to use it to infiltrate Oryx’s Dreadnaught.

Couldn’t reach Oryx right away so we decided to pay a visit to Crota’s funeral and get a little bit of his soul Rent. I know even the bad guys helped with this group project! But that was our ticket to the Taken King’s clubhouse.

Cayde-6 on his plan against Oryx

After the attack, Oryx retreats to his throne world where a fireteam of Guardians faces him one last time. He is defeated and the horde, as well as the possessed, are left leaderless. Oryx’s dead, petrified body has been floating in orbit around Saturn since that day.

Destiny 2 brings back “one of the great raids” from Destiny 1 in 2022 – There’s a hot candidate

2016: Iron Lords and the Wrath of the Machine

After the collapse of the Golden Age, many lost hope. There was no city then, no purpose, and no guardians as we know them today as the vanguard. Many raised by spirits at this time chose the path of ruthless tyranny. Intoxicated by their power, they called themselves “Warlords”.

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The Iron Lords fight for the Last City

As these conquerors spread, so did the resistance against them. That was the birth of the Iron Lords. They were also Guardians but dedicated to defending humanity and restoring civilization. They built the first walls of the city and defended it against the fallen.

However, in their quest to rebuild what was lost, they have discovered something. Self-replicating nanotechnology from the Golden Age intended to aid in the construction of colonies and ships. They wanted to harness them, but the pursuit of SIVA resulted in Rasputin, the Warmind, being reactivated. SIVA is driven by a single directive: Consume. Extend. replicate.

Destiny Rise of Iron SIVA Vault Sealed
The Iron Lords sacrificed themselves

Almost all of the Iron Lords sacrificed themselves to seal this nanoplague, only two were left. Lord Saladin ended up personally sealing off the Plaguelands Quarantine Zone to ensure it never threatened humanity again.

But the fallen roamed the area. So it was that the Fallen House of *text muted*s discovered this technology sometime in the quarantine area in Old Russia, the Cosmodrome.

When this self-replicating nanotechnology becomes a threat once again, Lord Saladin – the last of the Iron Lords – enlists the Guardians’ help. A fireteam then defeats the Aksis Ghost in the Wrath of the Machine raid.

That’s why the Iron Banner exists: Since those days, Lord Saladin has been coming to the city regularly to host the Iron Banner. It honors all of the Iron Lords’ sacrifices and reminds the Wardens of their legacy and the ideal they represented to follow: Courage. Dedication. Victim.

On the next page you can find the story of Destiny 2.

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