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The history of the creation of Tetris and Tetris games on Nintendo Switch

Although many of us know that Tetris is one of the longest-running video games in the industry, the history of Tetris hides a rather curious and interesting plot. It is true that the video game has become popular on many Nintendo platforms generating countless millions of dollars in profits, but its beginnings were more humble than you could imagine.

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If you are interested in knowing a little more about the history of Tetris and the Tetris games available on Nintendo Switch, you will surely learn something new in this article.

The history of the creation of Tetris

Tetris was born in Russia in 1984 and was created by a software engineer named Alexey Pajitnov. The talented developer was trying to recreate one of the games he enjoyed growing up, while also looking for a challenge to demonstrate his computing skills.

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He first came up with a game concept in which the player could rearrange the pieces in different ways so that they fit together. But he ran into a problem, and that is that the pieces quickly filled the screen. It was then that he had the idea of ​​eliminating a row that was complete, and thus one of the most important mechanics in the video game industry was born.

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A patent drama

Pajitnov did not intend to make money from this idea, since his main objective was to have fun. He shared his creation with some colleagues at work, who did not stop playing. However, when he sent a copy to a colleague in Hungary, the game ended up showing on the Hungarian Institute of Technologywhere he caught the attention of Robert Stein, owner of Andromeda Software Ltd..

Stein immediately tried to contact the creator, but to the surprise of many, the game was no longer up to Pajitnov. Elektronorgtechnica (Elorg), a Soviet company created to oversee the foreEsports Extrasdistribution of content created in the Soviet Union, licensed the game for Stein to use. Thanks to this, the game was able to reach the hands of the Atari and SEGA companies.

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Henk Rogers of BulletProof Software he was also captivated by the gameplay of Tetris and copyrighted the rights to Nintendo without Elorg’s consent. However, all was resolved when Rogers showed an NES game cartridge to Elorg officials in Moscow. The Soviet authorities were not happy, but agreed when Rogers assured them that the profit potential was very high.

This led to multiple major Tetris history deals exceeding $40 million, of which the creator, Pajitnov, did not see a dime. However, his friendship with Rogers led him to emigrate to the United States to continue developing video games, where he came to work for microsoft. In 1996 after the dissolution of Elorg, Pajitnov managed to return to Moscow and claim his deserved right as the inventor of Tetris.

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Undoubtedly a disturbing story that had multiple generations of Tetris fans as an outcome. And the best way to celebrate it is by reviewing the different Tetris titles currently available for Switch.

Puyo Puyo Tetris

The Serie SEGA Puyo Puyo is always expanding, and in 2017 we were surprised by announcing the arrival of its crossover with Tetris. Puyo Puyo Tetris premiered that same year on the eShop of Switch. The game launched as a heavy proposition in the puzzle genre and received overwhelming support on the hybrid platform.

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This installment offers two styles of play. The style Puyo Puyo features the famous characters from the series, combined with the fun gameplay of Tetris. The various Puyos will fall across the screen and players will have to juggle to make them fit correctly. But it is also important to consider the colors and the possibilities of performing a combo, thus earning more points. The game ends when a Puyo reaches the “X” mark.

But fans of the classic can also enjoy the style Tetris. This consists of arranging the falling blocks to complete rows and get points. We will get more points by completing several rows at the same time, and the game will end when one of the blocks touches the upper limit of the screen.

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As if this were not enough, the title also has a story mode for a single player, and a Challenge mode to compete with up to four players. The best thing is that the story is completely new and you will not have to be familiar with the series to enjoy it.

Puyo Puyo Tetris 2

After the great support received with the first title, there had to be a second installment. SEGA released a sequel in March 2021 titled Puyo Puyo Tetris 2 which brought a new story and interesting characters.

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The title offers all the previous modes of the game, although it adds a few new ones. For example, Skill mode features character-based gameplay with unique abilities. It also greatly improved the online mode from the first installment, adding new modes that included league competitions and a free mode. Even the story mode was reimagined with JRPG-like mechanics.

Tetris 99

Developed by Arika and distributed by Nintendo exclusively for Nintendo Switch, Tetris 99 was released in early 2019 as a free-to-play game for subscribers to nintendo switch online.

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Its about Tetris of always that we all love, although this installment focuses on online games. Tetris 99 brought Tetris gameplay to a Battle Royale setting, where 99 players compete at the same time by eliminating each other, until only one is left standing.

The game follows the classic rules of Tetris and other games Tetris online. Players must complete rows of blocks and in doing so they will send “garbage” to their opponents in order to hinder their games. However, other mechanics are incorporated that allow players to interact with their 98 rivals or choose some of them as specific targets.

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These interactions create some seriously wacky gameplay that is sure to present an entertaining challenge for any gamer. Tetris. The best thing is that Nintendo has been adding additional content through updates, including thematic collaborations with other franchises.

Tetris Effect: Connected

Tetris Effect: Connected is the expanded version of Tetris effect which was launched in 2018 and became popular for its concept inspired by the “Tetris Effect”, which makes those who play Tetris for long periods of time continue to see blocks long after they stop playing.

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To give the impression of the “Tetris Effect”, the game uses themes and music that influence the pace of the game, as well as a “Zone” mechanic that allows players to stop time. It also has a level system that grants us access to new challenges.

These fun games Tetris are now available on the hybrid console. What are your favourites?

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