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The Horizon franchise hides seven secrets that have not yet been resolved

the horizon franchise hides seven secrets that have not yet

The saga hides all kinds of secrets waiting to be revealed.

The Horizon franchise hides seven secrets that have not yet been resolved
Cover of the definitive edition of Horizon Zero Dawn

Horizon is one of the great PlayStation franchises today, leading this not only to the fact that we have already had two installments that have told the story of Aloybut, in addition, they have had two expansions that have been expanding their world to what we know today, to which we must add the fact that They are already working on a third installment which will continue Aloy’s journey.


Be that as it may, being a saga that has exceeded 30 million copies sold, it should be noted that one of the things that Horizon has done throughout its two installments is raise mysteries that today have no answerbeing so it is to be expected that in this latest installment all the doubts pertinent to this universe will be resolved.

Sylens’ identity and past is the biggest mystery in Horizon

Under this same premise, below you can find a compilation of seven great mysteries that the Horizon saga has left us in its two installments and that should be resolved in the future, either as part of the main story or through any type of side mission or document that reveals the truth. Likewise, it should be noted that these cover both what is happening in the present and the events that occurred in the past, this being where the well-known Lighthouse Plague.

Therefore, it should be noted that the first mystery is the most obvious of all and which has its own name, since there are many who are unaware today. who is really sylens. This character, who was introduced in the first game as an ally of Aloy, has always been playing on both sides of the line of good and evil, so even though he is currently an ally, we don’t know much about him, not even about his past and the reasons behind his interest in the ancient world. Obviously Horizon 3 should solve the mystery behind Sylensalthough the way they will do it will have to be without the character due to the sudden death of his actor, Lance Reddick, just a few months ago.


However, we are not going to be left alone with this mystery, since, after all, there is much more to know. Another example is the one that occurred before the events of Horizon Zero Dawn, in which twelve outsiders attacked the Nora village, taking several hostages in the process. The mystery here lies in the reason for the attack, since some dialogues suggest that there is more to the story than what appears behind it. Theories speak that these could have been looking for technology from the Old World, but it remains to be seen if they find an explanation.

The Zero Dawn project has several hidden details

horizon aloy

Aloy is the protagonist of Horizon

Another mystery that encompasses the world of Horizon is the location of crib facilities, which were the responsibility of ILITIA and were in charge of repopulating the Earth once the Plague of Faro had ended. However, we only know of ILITIA-9, the Colorado cradle from which all the tribes we see in the saga probably descend, with the exception of the Quen, which means that there may be more cradles whose location we do not know, especially since in Zero Dawn it is confirmed that there are more. Therefore, we are waiting for know their locations and the exact number.


On the other hand, knowing what happened with the Zenith, it is interesting to know that the Elysium was a facility where Project Zero Dawn personnel were with the objective of surviving the Plague of Faro for at least 100 years, and GAIA confirmed in Forbidden West that this was not fulfilled because its activity ceased much earlier than expected. It remains to be seen if clear or not what happened in this place.

Likewise, in relation to the past, we know that there are other AI beyond the sub-functions of GAIA, this being the case of CYAN in Frozen Wilds. However, now is the time to talk about VAST SILVER, an AI that went out of control in the 2040s and could still be on the loose, so it is unknown if she will appear in the future or not.

The origin of the Plague of Faro

Horizon Forbidden West and lesbian representation

Burning Shores story includes the possibility of a lesbian romance


On the other hand, we cannot ignore the fact that we know the reasons why Humanity became extinct in the past due to the Plague of Faro, which caused the machines to become erratic and could consume biomass as fuel, which led to the eradication of life. However, today the exact reason is unknown why this happened, since everything indicates that it was Ted Faro himself who caused this due to his greed, although it is not ruled out that it was sabotage. We will see what happens, since it is clear that Faro’s story has not ended.

Finally, in Horizon Zero Dawn they give us to understand that in the Forbidden West there is a group of hunters with the same faces, this being that we do not see in Forbidden West. However, it cannot be ruled out that Is there any way of cloning? that may be the source of this rumor, although there are theories that this race of hunters is really the Tenakth tribe.

We will have to see how this story ends, but it is clear that Horizon still has a lot to sayso we will be waiting for Guerrilla Games to confirm more information about this future title, as well as any type of content and material that may be released at this time, an example of this being what was seen with Horizon Call of the Mountain for PlayStation VR2.


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